Route planning - Google Streetview

Is there any software that can give you Google street views of the planned route? For example, I draw a route with RideWith GPS or Komoot or whatever, then it processes the route and gives me a quick (1-2 minute) video or pictures of the street view? I like to ride new roads, but to go through the entire route on Google maps is a chore. For new roads/routes, I like to make sure I haven’t routed myself on a highway or gravel road by accident.


I’m not sure if this is something Rouvy does, that might be your best bet to try

Check Ronan’s article on Escape where he talked about planning his 15hr TT across the length of Ireland. He discusses options ( and took it to the next level with VR goggles on the trainer).


That would be handy :+1:

I don’t know what Google coverage is like where you are but in the UK its likely gravel roads aren’t mapped and dragging the streetview man over your route in RWGPS tends to highlight it blue. RWGPS also tends, if you have driver mode on, not route you down them either. I tend to have driver mode on as default and only toggle it to walking or cycling (which would route you down a gravel road) when I want to avoid a highway and base mapping tends to make them obvious.

Nope - the old predecessor version of Rouvy used to allow you to do this, but not any more. In fact, unless you’re one of the select Rouviati, you can’t create your own routes on Rouvy at all any more.

I don’t know of an easy way to make a sequence or video, but this is how I like to use street view:

If you draw your route in RideWithGPS, you can export to KML. Then open Google Maps and go to “saved”, then the “maps” tab, then “open in my maps”. Then import the KML file into the new map. Now your route is shown. Turn on the street view coverage layer by clicking on the little guy.

Now you can click on any point in your route and see the street view at that point


That’s similar to what we did when planning motorcycle trips in the Alps. We used a site to map the route then imported the KML into Google Maps to check we weren’t going down any gravel/dirt roads (we were all on sports bikes at the time).

If you’re planning in RWGPS, on the web version at least, the Street View person is available right there in the route planner - no need to export to Google Maps


I’ve found in RWGPS, the routing depends on the map you use - if you change the map to a different one (ie RWGPS to OSM), you can end up with different routing suggestions. Not sure why!


Oh dang! I didn’t know that. Thanks!