Riding GPS Routes Indoors with Maps/Video?

Hey Everyone -

With the weather in the north east being oppressive this weekend, i was curious if anyone had any suggestions for re-riding outdoor rides indoors, with some visual elements, ie following google maps, etc…

I have a kickr/bolt and ant+/BT setups so can run just about any setup. I know the bolt can simulate a previous GPS route on the Kickr, but was hoping to add something on the TV to follow, to get a mental sense of where I am. Can also upload the GPS route via ride with GPS to whatever program. Only looking to do this for a weekend, so any free apps would be great.

Any thoughts?

It’s funny you should mention this because I was just thinking about loading some of my own gopro footage to my workouts. There’s nothing more motivating than watching the pack ride away from you :grinning:

I know this doesn’t help on this occasion but if you recorded some footage of your rides then that could be super useful and entertaining

Wish i had some. For now it’ll likely be Google Maps only :-/