Roubaix Seatpost Question

Went for a bike fit and am currently looking at adjust my Roubaix Sport 2020. This comes with the seatpost which i think has a ‘offset’. It means I cannot get the Saddle to BB reading correct. Before i pull the trigger on a new seatpost, i just wanted to confirm if the one in the picture before is what is referred to as offset?

In other words, i need to get a 00mm offset post instead of what i assume is the 20mm offset in the picture below.

Seatpost is: S Works Pave

Saddle to BB is not affected by offset, it just puts the saddle in another place, and in this case, a bit further back.

For example, lets say you get a 0 offset seat post, you can still put the saddle in the exact same place, just that the clamp is further forward on the saddle rails :slight_smile:

If you need to move the saddle more after the bike fit, due to the rails being maxxed, thats a different story.

Then the bike fitter needed you to come more forward, which is not possible at the moment, here a 0 offset seat post solve your issue :slight_smile:

I’d say go with what you feel comfortable with. My, previous model than yours, Roubaix has a ‘slant back’ seat post as well, it also has had some issues with the angle slipping, but it stabilized.

Seat posts like that DO limit the degree of adjustment. The idea of standardizing was to allow riders to swap and ‘tune’ their rides. If you need to be closer to the bars, you are going to have to replace it. Someone else could use that post I’m sure. (I heard someone talking about turning theirs around, which would look a little goofy, but if that’s what they need…)

Go with what you feel you need.

EDIT: Oh, that’s a shaped post. But Specialized does make a ‘straight’ post. My Roubaix has this goofy looking thing.

The OP clearly meant saddle to BB setback… not saddle to BB height.

Correct, its called offset or setback. Specialized offered a 20mm setback version and a 0mm setback(or straight, as they’re referred to) version, in two different lengths, order accordingly…

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Correct (although note @Upcountry post that uses the proper term re: offset)….if you need to move you saddle more forward than is pictured, you will need a zero offset seatpost.

A zero offset post has the clamp inline with the seatpost itself…it is essentially a straight line. Yours has the clamp rearward of the post, meaning it is offset from the post.

Thanks! Sorry for wrong terminology!

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