MTB seat recommendations - long rails

Hi All,

Need some bike fit help. Very long in the leg and need to run seat post really high, even with a relatively steep seat tube angle I need the seat slammed forward to get me in a decent position.

Currently on the stock Bontrager Arvada saddle that come with the bike. Any suggestions for a saddle with longer rail to allow more tweek to the adjustment?

Thanks in advance

Probably teaching you to suck eggs here, but have you got a zero setback post on?


Sorry should have said I’m running a dropper. Think there is only the 9point8 dropper with a payback option but it’s £300

I have a 9point8 dropper and use the “inline” head instead of the offset. This will bring your saddle forward. They also have an offset forward that will bring it an additional 4mm forward of the inline.

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