Cervelo P5 Setback Seat Post?

I’m trying to get my rim brake Cervelo P5 XL saddle back another 5cm or so. Right now I’m so maxed on the rails that my saddle keeps angling up.

Does anyone know if there’s a laidback seat post for the P5? I can’t find one.

Any other ideas rather than buying a new frame?

Assuming you’ve slammed the actual saddle clamp back as well? Don’t have one but looks like it can move back?
Possible to get a photo of it?

It’s physically back as far as it will go. It slides on rails and I’m all the way back. Then my seat post is all the way back :smiley:.

That’s what I figured, but double checked anyway.

What’s the seat height? Dropping it effectively moves your seat back might get you a bit more comfy if it doesn’t scrunch you up too much.

Have you tried shorter legs? :joy::stuck_out_tongue:

No, it moves the saddle forward, in the direction of the front of the bike when you lower the saddle.


This seems to be compatible by description. But I’m having trouble finding one with full specs and link to order.


Edit to add a possible sources:


You are amazing!! Thank you!!

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That’s what I get for thinking I know about fitting :joy:
Makes sense when I write it out rather than just going off the top of my head

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