Do I Need an Offset Seat Post?

New bike - yeah! The fit is good and the saddle is in the right position. Given that the saddle is as far back as it can go, should I get an offset seat post? If so, what do you recommend? Thanks!

I would say that you already have a seatpost with offset/setback but if that’s the position you need to have for your saddle then a seatpost wirh more offset is likely needed (check for max limit indicators on the rails to be sure what is recommended to be safe)

The saddle is definitely beyond the markings on the rails. Not sure if that is “beyond the safe limits” though.

As said above, it’s definitely past a limit of sorts, whether that has any safety relevance or not is something you’ll need to ask the saddle manufacturer. It may be a design limit, it may just be a aesthetics thing, I’d not use it long term without validating.

Would be helpful to know what seatpost you have currently, it looks like it’s set back at least 10-20mm, so you need something that gives you more setback than that, which eliminates a lot of options if I’m right.

It’s not ideal to clamp past max for a couple reasons: less shock absorption and having a larger vs. smaller cantilever will increase chances for some sort of failure. Any manufacturer, fitter or shop owner for that matter will tell you not to go past for liability reasons.

Not being a manufacturer, fitter or shop owner and in my experience (carbon to cromo) there wasn’t a problem with a saddle clamped beyond max limits. :wink:

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I would get an offset - is the post you got 27.2 round?

you will have may options - Zipp Service course is always a good choice - $60.00 (aluminum)

If you want carbon - there will be many to pick in various price ranges, just look for something with about 20 mm of offset

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I’m going to vote that you’re fine. I’ve run saddles like this before (currently have it like this on two bikes) and never had an issue, including a CX bike that takes lots of force when I jump on, crash, hit bumps etc.

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Thanks for all of the comments. The seat post is a standard 27.2 in carbon. I’m eyeing replacing it with a Zipp Service Course SL Speed. any others I should consider?

Is that post already setback?

I think you’re fine as is.

If it bothers you, another option is to push the saddle forward, raise the seatpost slightly to maintain saddle to pedal distance, and get a longer stem. It’ll be a slightly more aero position.

Whiskey carbon posts are reasonably priced and good quality. I’ve had them on 2 bikes and they’ve been great!

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Ive run a similar setup with the saddle back as far as itll go for years on my MTB. Never bent a rail. Im around 205# now, as high as 245, and I beat the crap outa that thing. As long as its still flat for the entire clamp surface, I vote youre fine

Off topic, I just picked up this saddle too. I hate how much I love it! Most $$ Ive ever dropped on a saddle and can 100% confirm it was worth it!

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My sentiments exactly!