Kreitler Rollers users

I’m shopping for a new trainer set up. My Kinetic wheel on trainer isn’t doing it for me at this point - it just lacks the feel I prefer and I’m struggling on it with harder efforts.

Originally I though that it’s time to just throw down for a wahoo but I honestly can’t afford that this year, maybe next.

In the meantime I realize I have a set of Kreitler rollers that need a new belt and they’d be good to go. I’m looking into the Headwind resistance unit so that I could do most of my training on these. Maybe keep the Kinetic for really hard workouts (and deal with the inferior “road feel”).

Can anyone speak to this set up as it compares to other options? - Kreitler Rollers with the headwind fan resistance unit versus say a wheel in trainer like the Kinetic? I know the fan will be loud and I think I’m ok with that. Just feeling the need to change up my TR workout setup this year, and on a budget!

Thanks, I know this is ancient tech comparatively. I should mention I will be using my Cinch Power meter so now worried on data.

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Interesting, can you expand on that?

There is a definitive lag in resistance between big changes in wattage. During a rest interval moving into anything more than endurance interval it feels like pedaling through mud for the first 30 seconds - min.

I’m not sure my set up is as dialed as it could be though: I’m using a very old rear tire. I may try a trainer specific tire to see if that helps. It feels like the resistance just isn’t consistent on anything over say endurance work

I have Kreitler rollers with a headwind unit and a kickr. I still use the rollers (not nearly as much now that I picked up the inside ride to go with the kickr). But until a few weeks ago, I’d still primarily use the rollers. I greatly prefer the bike moving underneath me and no issues in hitting target power ranges. The only area where it will lack is standing sprints and low cadence work at high power (e.g. 40-50 rpm at sub-threshold).

The rollers also seem to be easier on the tires and the bike. The only downside is the fan is pretty loud but nothing crazy.


Thanks, I still may go this route!

I’ve been considering going this route, too, although I need to pick up a headwind fan.
Really need the additional mental engagement of rollers to stay interested riding inside.

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when the headwind unit is attached, do you find the bike pulling towards the fan??

not at all

thanks. kreitler said i may need new bearings. no pulling when the fan is not attached.

I have 2 sets of kreitlers, both 2.25 (smallest) drums, I set up one with a headfan unit for more resistance.
Pros: they last forever (I’ve had one for over 20 years now). Easy to fold up (if no fan unit; that does add some bulk). Nice smooth feel. The fan is nice and different settings give you different resistances.
Cons: you definitely need to stay mentally engaged or you will topple over. Although a nice feel, I definitely do not think they are a road feel (my InsideRide rollers are way superior that way). With the small rollers, it is hard to do low energy workouts, but a larger drum and the fan would be a lot more versatile.

Personally, I pretty much use them as travel/warmup rollers and I ride the InsideRide ones if I want to just be on rollers and watch TV or whatever. Although I mainly use my smart trainer, I have noticed that the smart trainer makes me quite lazy in terms of form.
You can also get a fork stand that will allow you to do more varied workouts (standing, one leg, etc) although that adds some $ of course…


Hi, is it possible to stand up on the Kreitler rollers?

I have an Elite Quickmotion roller and the floating systwm makes standing up very easy. How is it with these “classic” rollers by Kreitler?

Yes, it’s possible, but it is a different experience than with motion rollers. You have to be more controlled and careful with a fixed roller setup.

Whats the difference between the normal and kompact Kreitlers? Seems the Normal have some quick adjustment option for moving the drum without tools?

Then the Kompact dont take 4.5 drums? Do I need those being a 250 Ftp rider?

Whats your take?

Hi, I have a kreitler with 3 inch drums and for me the resistance is around 110 watts in my lowest gear upto around 500 watts in my highest gear. This is with the slow lizard skin tires for some extra resistance (helps a lot!). So you should be fine with the 3 inch rollers.

And does the size of kompact vs normal make a huge difference?
I need to store away the rollers under the bed erc quite regularly. So folding and size should not be an issue.
I am using a regular cyclocross bike.
I am not planning to buy the flywheel or other stuff.

What to choose?

A smaller diameter roller will get you more resistance and a more realistic “road feel” re: gearing.

When I had larger diameter rollers, I could ride in my 53x12 without too much difficulty. With my Kreisler Dynomites, my RPE is roughly equivalent with what my gearing would feel like outside.

Ok, thx. I decided to take the 3" drums.

Now, does anybody recommend the Kompact rollers over the Classic?

See here:

Do the Kompact fit for usual road bikes (wheelbase)?
I want to store the rollers away in my flat after every ride, under the bed. Is the size so different or does it not matter?

Any other disadvantages/differences between Classic Alloy and Konpact?

Thank you!

With 4" drums and a headwind unit I am (was) able to stand on my kreitlers. There wasn’t any sprinting going on but I could stretch and change it up a bit.

I have the 3 inch classic and it folds up to a good size and will fit under any normal bed easily.


I am still not convinced to switch to Kreitlers - i have Elite Quick Motion Rollers now, a system which offers slight movement fore and aft.
This way it is supereasy to ride these rollers, stand up while pedaling, ride hands free, or even simulate uphill with low cadence and high power thanks to the three magnetic resistance levels. You can ride the rollers without being forced to constantly fear to fall of.

Now this part is great.

What I dislike is the built quality, the plasticy feel, the overall impression: will this really withstand strains of constant use?

Kreitlers are really retro - they probably dont allow any imbalances, lack of concentration, difficult to stand up, the alloy drums make the tires squeek…
Then again: it is sturdy, simple, tested and trusted…

I ride the rollers 4-5 times a week in the evenings, after long days of work… i cant concentrate fully anymore…

Whats your take?