What’s your choice of Rollers?

Hi All

I know Jonathan has mentioned he uses his rollers indoors but I can’t recall the brand and model.

What do you recommend?

I’d be using my own power meter on the bike so not too worried about rollers that have a power meter and or ERG mode.

Also, which tyres do people use? A standard road tyre or turbo trainer tyre? Do standard road tyres get chewed up?



Tilting is must have function. Everything else depends on the usage scenario.


Personaly I use the Tacx Galaxia rollers,I havent actually used any others so I cant compare models but I have used them for warming up pre race and cadence drills and for that they work great. As for tyres i just use my normal tyres (GP5000) and havent noticed any extra tyre wear over the periods that I use them for around 30 mins a time.

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Elite Pro Motion is what I use, and I believe what Jonathan uses as well. No issues, they have a bit of rocking fore and aft, which I find to be more stable under hard surges. They also have adjustable (1-2-3) resistance, so you don’t spin out when the workout calls for high watts.

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Jonathan uses the Elite Quick-Motion rollers. They are the standard (non-smart) rollers with a fore-aft centering motion that makes riding rollers much better.


Inside Ride and their E-Motion rollers were the originals (and still patent holder) of the rack based motion design.


Based on my testing with and without the motion, I highly recommend getting something with that movement.

You can use normal tires and wear is minimal. The load sharing and forces on rollers are way lower than a rear wheel trainer.

I got a set of Feedback Overdrive rollers a month or so ago, I love them. They add just enough resistance so that standing is easier. I use my rollers for steady long intervals but I’m sure you could even do short burst efforts as well, (I just prefer using my trainer for that).

Highly recommended especially since you have a PM. The price is right too. I use regular road tires but that’s because I’m too lazy to change tires, no second wheel set. The rollers seem to be much easier on tires than a standard trainer from my experience.

And another vote for rollers in general, they get little love here (past Jonathan) but they’re a great way to stay engaged while doing boring workouts like Pettit.


I use tru-trainers with an internal flywheel. I’ve been happy with them. The flywheel in particular was a big improvement over the aluminum cycleops rollers (w/ a mag bar). Helps a lot both with standing and really short interval sprint intervals.

Tire wise I have a set of wheels w/ trainer tires, bit quieter, and provide a bit more resistance.

I’ve been doing all my road bike training on rollers for ~5 years, I’ve been happy with the change (still have the KK trainer for my TT bike, haven’t dedicated the time to being comfortable(ish) in TT position on rollers).


Yes sorry, Quick Motion is what I use.

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Elite Árion Digital Smart B here.

They are great for erg or manually/app set resistance but powermeter is way too imprecise and hard to calibrate so using powermatch is mandatory.

Works with zwift also because you can set power reading from the bike powermeter and resistance control though the ant fe feature from the rollers. Never tried BT connection.

I built a diy motion solution that makes riding them a bit less less harsh.

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Elite Real e-Motion (ERG/etc) for some stuff, Kreitlers for carrying in the car and portability.

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Just got some Elite Quick Motion rollers to compliment my turbo and provide variety and additional skills/motivation and interest to my TRaining.

They are great, easy to setup, simple to use and adjust and using a couple of 45min free ride workouts I am up and rolling!

The Ask a Cycling Coach TrainerRoad Podcast episode was super useful too.

All the advice was spot on and made the learning curve simplicity itself. (And it is super fun!)
Loving it.
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I just bought some very simple Elite Arion rollers so during lockdown I could ride on Zwift with my son. Been using outdoor workouts on a wahoo head unit this recovery week to ensure I don;t mess my training and loving them as an alternative to my kickr. I’m only riding low intensity on them but surprised myself how steady I can hold power targets - still can’t believe how on target @Jonathan kept his power on the ramp test - that was just freaky unless he was using erg mod - I didn’t think he was a huge fan of erg though.

I have (not because I’m a hoarder but it’s a long story) the inside ride and 2 Kreitlers with the smallest drums, one of which also has the fan/resistance attachment.
I like the kreitlers for transport and warmups. The fan/resistance was great before I got a smart trainer, because there is serious resistance.
However, overall I would recommend the insideride. The rack makes it much more “road realistic”, there is essentially no tire wear, and the little bumpers on the back are great if I get distracted and start meandering off the trainer. Plus, you can control some resistance remotely through the little servo.
Of course, you can also mount the front wheel instead of using the rollers as rollers if you want to be a bit lazier…

  • He as using Resistance mode, with 50% setting, on the new Nero rollers.

  • There is much more resistance available to him with that setup than typical dumb rollers, so it works well even for his higher power demands.

I bought used aluminium rollers on ebay just before the lockdown and now do all my sessions on them. They’ve got no inbuild resistance, but I made a resistance bar with a few magnets I had lying around. Not sure if it adds much, it needs improving once the diy shops open again. It’s enough for my distinctively average ftp. Find it much simpler than using the turbo, no wheels to swap, the bike can just go on as it is. No erg mode means no more dropouts to worry about, and I haven’t had problems keeping power steady. I’ve mostly done steady workouts as there’s no racing anytime soon, but did a set of spanish needle for a test and that was fine too.

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I ended up purchasing some Elite Quick Motion rollers which are fantastic. I’ve used them for anything sweet spot and below and it’s fairly easy to hit a power target I’ve found.

I mix them in with training on the KICKR for the longer sessions and it’s a great mix.

I wanted to purchase the Inside Ride rollers but was told by In-Ride that the distributor for the UK was Elite and they are only licensed to provide their own rollers which was a bit of a shame. Wanted to try some ‘dumb’ rollers before getting some ERG rollers and have read that the Inside-Rides are favoured over the Neros but hey-ho. If you can’t get them here in the UK, not many other options!

Anyone had any experience with the KICKR bike yet?

Haven’t been restricted on any kind of workout on the overdrive pros. GREAT rollers!

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Big fan of Sportcrafters. I have their rollers with both the Overdrive resistance unit and their High Inertia drum. (like @stualp’s setup with the additonal inertia drum). I originally had the standard model with their now-discontinued mag resistance unit (they had made the Cyclops rollers and the Cyclops mag unit) and then over time upgraded to both resistance rear and interia middle drums. (probably should see if anyone wants to buy the add-on mag unit sitting in my shop).

Impressed with their quality and customer service. I’d label this a best value purchase. If dollars were unlimited I’d likely go with the TruTrainer Smart Load setup, but that’s $1.5k… And I’m not convinced I really need smart rollers.

I have a DIY floating platform ala InsideRide after watching some YouTube vids and reading about some different designs. (I think @mcneese.chad has a post with a video of his rollers platform.) Works very well for me; making it was pretty easy and I’m by no means an accomplished woodworker. Also have a Sportcrafters/Cyclops fork adapter for those times I want to zone out or go really hard and would be nervous about stability. However, with Jonathan as a role model I’m thinking I should just buck up and use the rollers in “native” mode all the time.

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As we speak I’m 5.5 hrs into a ride on my Kreitlers (putting in big quarantine hours). I love them and they’re bullet proof (3rd owner and been using as my trainer for 8yrs) - the key (vs someone’s earlier comment) is the large 4.5 drums with the headwind fan. The large rollers are provide a really smooth ride but less resistance which is why you want the resistance fan. My brother inlaw has 2.5 drums and it feels like slogging through sand. I find the ability to move side to side on rollers really comfortable vs stationary, and think that the focus helps pass time. I use assioma duos as my pm.

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