Deep Section Wheels or Shallower Wheels for A Technical Criterium

I have a fairly technical criterium coming up and I would love to hear what you guys think. The course has a few very tight slow corners and a hairpin where speeds will drop significantly to about 20 km/h which then leads to a long straight.

I have come across a lot of articles and videos which suggests weight is always going to be secondary as aerodynamics rains supreme. However, I have yet to see a study where they factor in acceleration between a heavy and lighter wheelset

So, should I go with my Reynolds AR 58mm (1700 grams) or Fulcrum Quattro Carbon 40mm (1500 grams) ?

Thanks in advance

Race the ones you can afford to replace. Ultimately, performance wise, it doesn’t really matter unless you are on or off the front or off the back trying to catch on. The only time it really matters is in photos because deep wheels look way better.

Well I am trying to go for the break in this race so definitely off the front. Not too concerned about how the bike looks in post race photos.

Then go deep :slight_smile:

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