Replacement xc wheel advice

I cracked the rim of my rear tire on my epic. It’s a roval sl but it’s kinda older, I think 23mm inner width, 2018 ish vintage. The shop has said it will be rather costly to rebuild, I bought the bike secondhand and don’t have the original purchase proof to send to specialized, so I’m thinking of getting a new wheel. I would appreciate some advice on cheapish but similar weight wheel options. Im in Philadelphia and my terrain is rocky and technical which is how I bashed my old wheel I guess, so durability would be a plus. Sram drivetrain.
Thanks for any help.

You won’t get a similar wheel for cheap, that’s probably a $600 wheel. Cheap, durable, or light; you get to pick 2. It makes sense (IMO) to spend decent money and you can have a wheel that were last for life; when you sell your bike you can keep the nice wheelset and put them on the next bike (I am assuming your bike is boost spacing).

Best option as a balance of cheap, durable, and light are the light bicycle carbon rims on DT 350 hubs. They are fairly generic chinese carbon rims, but widely regarded as high quality. The 350 is an excellent hub, super durable and a reasonable weight. You are probably out the door for around $1,000.


I have a set of these: Coating Free Asymmetric 26.2mm inner width XC Trail shallow carbon wheelset - Btlos Bicycle.

I’ve had them on a Transition Spur for a year and a half and they’ve been great, no issues. Looks like $700 - $1100+ depending on your choices.

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Not really sure what the axle spacing is, or what boost is. Bike is a 2018 epic s works. Internet telling me 15x 110 Boost and 12 x 148 Boost but I would appreciate if someone who knew more than me gave a second opinion!

They seem reasonably priced, thanks. I really have no idea what to order though and there seem to be a lot of choices to build the wheels. Nipples, spokes, spoke count, spacing, hub, ratchet…etc.

Your bike is boost, which is great as that is emerging as the standard for mountain bike wheels.

Spokes usually are driven by weight and rider style. I am a larger guy, so my enduro wheels are 32H which is very common. For XC, guys can down to save some weight. If you aren’t sure about hubs, the DT350 is a very common good hub. Very reliable, easy to service, and easy to get parts. I wouldn’t worry too much about nipples. A hub is either straight pull or J bend spokes, J bend is more common and always my preference. Ratchet just determines the engagement, DT swiss hubs can be upgraded for more points of engagement which means there is less “dead space” before your hub engages and starts moving the bike.

That’s super helpful info, thank you!

you can put a new rim on the wheel, but you’re looking at about $100 for a decent rim and then maybe $50 for labor at the LBS.

Not the type of brake rotors (6-bolt) and cassette freehub you have (Shimano 10/11sp; Sram XD, etc). Shipping is expensive for wheels. Those costs can add up.

Good places to look:
Pinkbike -
Local to you: Results for "wheelset" - Pinkbike BuySell Search

Some euro stores have way cheaper prices than US even with shipping.

Check out Spinergy. I replaced the stock wheels on my hardtail with them. Rode them hard all summer and they’re still rolling true. I did put cushcore XC just to be safe with the hardtail.