RipRow for road cyclists?

I posted this on the TR facebook page before remembering that we have this cool new (to me) forum. Is there any utility in using the RipRow for road cyclists?

  • Tiffany

Probably not. You dont really hip hinge on a road bike.

Tiffany, I watched the video - pretty ridiculous device. For road cycling (your interest), all of the strengthening and balancing (proprioceptor) benefits claimed are substantially better achieved in the gym with good equipment so that you can achieve proper form. This device can lead to the opposite - bad habits and poor form, and perhaps injury.

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For the record, I think that @chad and @Nate_Pearson have one of these devices in the office. I don’t know if they purchased it or if they were gifted it by Lee or for that matter whether they regularly use it. I am making my way through all the podcasts the second time around and just finished the episode where they spoke with Lee McCormick. They were discussing the device.

Actually, hip hinging is a proper technique for cornering on road as well. High saddle height and low bar position (in the drops) is pretty much HH exactly.

As such, I think the position aspect from the RR may be useful.

The basic idea of descending on a road bike with a low upper body for aerodynamics and proper weighting of the front wheel apply here. The RR may offer more strength aspects focused on MTB, but I can see the crossover to road.