Hip hinge vs back bend lower back pain

I try to maintain good hip hinge when riding enduro stuff but steep climbs put me in awkward contact with saddle when I lean forward. I tend to back-bend to relieve pressure and anchor sit bones but then quickly pay price with lower back pain. I need my saddle level for descents so can’t find a sweet spot.

Is this some sort of core weakness or a bike fit issue?

Is the issue new? Hold old is your seat?

I had similar issues with my road bike seat. I tried the adjustment of seat angle - didn’t work (back would get arched in the high position or I’d slide forward on the lower position; no “just right”). Then I tried a new saddle - didn’t solve the problem. Finally, I happen to be test riding a new bike with a new version of my current saddle and that solved the problem!

FWIW: The seat I have been using is the Specialized Toupe. When I called Specialized, they told me they last a very long time. When I talked to other serious riders, they change them every 2-3 years.

FWIW2: I have a Specialized Hinge (model name) on my MTB and love that as well - sort of the Toupe version for MTB.

btw: I have a very strong core due to a robust strength training program I have been doing for a couple of years. I’d highly recommend strength training overall, and core as part of that if you aren’t doing it already.

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Do you mean Enduro MTB or endurance type events?

Thanks this is useful. It’s always been a problem for me on many saddles. I’ll see if I can try a toupe out - I do like my current saddle as it never catches shorts though.

I do heavy squats and deadlifts during winter. Lots of pistol squats too but I never make time for planks and side planks.


So this bit boggles me…

You’re sitting down on descents? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fair enough - I suppose I mean flatish pedally stuff in general. Sliding off front.

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Do you do any off bike strength work? How often do you ride MTB outside?

If you are doing enduro MTB, you may want to try the Specialized Hinge model instead; the Touple is targeted for road. The Hinge was recommended my my LBS sales person who is a serious MTBer.

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