Right leg poor stability?!?- bike fit possible issue


I have had for a while this question in my head as I have seen some consistency in my workouts: this consistency is related with the fact that I seem to have a right leg imbalance when it comes to the start of the power phase.

First of all, I have a right dominating leg, almost always there is a 52% vs 48% right vs left.

Second of all, the start of the power phase for the right leg fluctuates quite a lot, for the left one not.

Third of all, the end of the power phase for both legs is much more consistent with almost no differrences for each leg.

To make things more interesting, this happens mostly when on the hoods or tops. When I go into an aero position, in the drops, there is clearly less fluctuation in the start of the power phase for the right leg. Moreover, in the drops the power discrepancy between right vs left is 50.5% vs 49.5%.

Attached please see some examples!

This makes me believe it is fit related: saddle height + fore-aft position?!?

I would be interested in your thoughts if any pf you have ever experienced smth. similar or might have a more in-depth input to what might cause this.

Fwiw, I know a proper bikefit is the way to go, but being an engineer I try most of thr times to debug things myself, or at least eliminate some of the possible/plausible causes…Looking forward for your thoughts!

In the meantime keep on riding and stay safe!!!


Having a discrepancy like that I believe is normal. I don’t think you will find many people who have 50/50% all the time.

If you were say 10+ % out then I’d question it. But yes a bike fit would sort out all the issues…but again I’m not a professional or a bike fit expert.

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That looks normal to me, hardly anyone is 50/50 and even if they are it doesn’t make you a better rider.



Thanks for the feedback. It’s not the leg discrepancy(right vs left) that much, as is the discrepancy in the start angles for the power phase of the right leg( there is clearly a high variation in the start of the power phase for a constant output power)…it makes me consider a right leg poor stability…?!? As said this seems to go away when in the drops, so when I rotate forward the pelvis…