Foot/Toe numbness during indoor training

Did Kosciuszko +4 today, during workout… i started feeling leg numbness… its not the frist time i feel numbness on v02 workouts…

the numbness continues after workout, then disapers…

i did bike fit a year ago, so i supose everthing is ok…

never happend outdoors

could it be do to the intensity of the workout?

Fit issue, IMO. Outdoors you move in the saddle and the bike moves a lot more which could mask fit problems.

Where do the symptoms reside? Upper leg, calf, the whole leg? Left and right legs

I get numb in my privates on the trainer but not on the road because I get a chance to stand and shift around a little more

2 hours is a long trainer ride. As mentioned, we tend to stay seated more inside, and the rigidity of the setup can lead to odd loading on the body.

I’d start with deliberate standing breaks every 5 to 10 minutes at max. Look to take then right before and after work intervals, and add them into longer intervals.

See if that helps at all.


Its only on the feet/toes…

Maybe your putting too much pressure. Follow Chad’s in-ride tips: try to relax everything under your knees (till a certain degree obviously, there’s always going to be some tension). Drive from upper legs and glutes.

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As others have said, try standing every now and then for a few revolutions.

But also, consider how tight your shoes are. Training indoors is a lot warmer than being out and in the heat your feet can swell a little and if you shoes are fastened to tight this could case the problem.

It is more come a problem for runners (that’s why we buy running sues a size to big) but give it a thought all the same

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With this additional info, the shoe tightness is a valid thing to check.

Also think about the gearing and cadence you are using. Try for 85-95 on Threshold and lower efforts. Plan on faster for VO2 max. Notes in the workout text are really helpful.

I mention it since the somewhat unrelenting nature of pedal forces on the trainer can overpressure on the feet. It can restrict blood flow and cause numbness.

I try to counter that with notable “lifting” of my feet in recovery intervals to get the blood moving again.

Not sure if foot focus or standing will help more, so i suggest trying a bit of both to see what may work for you.