Riding on Christmas Day

Alright, let’s get spicy. As the saying goes, today I woke up and chose violence. Here it goes. What is your take on riding on Christmas day? Listening to a couple podcasts that discussed the Festive 500 and the hosts were almost all in agreement that you shouldn’t ride on Christmas Day and thus not fans of the Festive 500. I personally couldn’t care less if people want to ride on Christmas day. The roads are probably the quietest they’ll be all year. And if riding is what you enjoy, I don’t see any problem with riding. Though if you spend six hours riding instead of spending time with your family, you have to be ok with the consequences. I happen to live 2,500 miles away from my parents and most of my family, so I went out for a ride. My wife and I also celebrated on Christmas Eve anyways so we didn’t have any plans for Christmas day.

With that in mind, I’ll open a poll. Simple yes or no. Plus some bonus questions that should get some fun banter going.

Is riding your bike on Christmas day ok?

  • Yes
  • No
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Did you ride on Christmas day this year?

  • Yes, normal ride
  • Yes, shorter ride
  • No
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For those that say you should not ride on Christmas day, is there an exception for New Bike Day presents?

  • Yes, only new full bikes
  • Yes, for any new gear or parts
  • No, nobody should ever ride on Christmas
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Ding, ding, ding. Round 1.

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I mean this is so context dependent you can’t distill it down to a yes no question


Xmas, as well as every other holiday, means nothing to me. Just another day.

By coincidence, I didn’t ride that day. I did go to work that day though, and then did some family stuff. But with over 1000 hours this year, missing a day is okay.


I rode Xmas day for 3hr. Celebrated with fan on Xmas eve tho. Even if I had proper Xmas on the day, I’d prob ride for at least an hour if I had planned on it. Gotta blow off steam somehow!


I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone feels you should not ride on Christmas Day……


Two-hour ride, mostly before dawn. If you’ve got family, you’ve got to be careful, whatever that means in your situation. Or you can intentionally choose conflict.


One argument was that it’s a day for family. One said it was sad if you ride on Christmas. I mean, I kind of could see some families looking at it as selfish to choose a solo ride over spending time with them. But my wife knows I enjoy riding and supports all my rides. I’m not going to claim to know everybody’s life situation, so I can see why some people would think it’s weird or not cool.

This was discussed on the Nero Podcast.

I think that there’s way too much context for a “Yes / No” answer. I’m also a fan of “live and let live”!

Yea, that was one of the podcasts I was referencing. I tought it was funny that Chris said Xmas day rides shouldn’t count towards the 500 and made it sound like was against Xmas day rides, but then he rode on Xmas. Also, my guess is that Jesse has a new kid and couldn’t ride so he’s jealous of people that can. Then again, it could be for clicks.

The other one was Wild Ones. Jimmi was very against it.

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Some people aren’t Christian, or don’t celebrate Christmas…

Even among those who do, there’s really not an issue with doing exercise on a holiday, just like it’s not an issue to spend time doing any other hobby or activity on Xmas.

If it’s to the point where it’s interfering in your ability to participate in other responsibilities then this is a problem. But that’s true of everything.


Ah yes. He was. Although, he was also very against the F500 altogether!

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Screw that. Those are personal choices……I am not going to judge them if that is their choice and I would not expect to be judged by others for my choices. A shame they can’t see it similarly.

The only people who have the right to weigh in on my choice are my family.


In addition to that, the christmas is celebrated differently in different countries. For example, here the celebrations take place already on christmas eve.


Risk vs. Reward

Is it worth the risk of divorce for the reward of a ride? :laughing:

I haven’t ridden outside since a random warm day in mid November (Canada), but I still did 90 mins of SST while my kiddo and wife (pregnant) napped.

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I think it’s fine if it’s agreed in advance with your family. Just like a normal ride.

I wish I could ride early. I normally walk the dogs and notice that there’s very little traffic and it feels like a missed opportunity!

I rode this year on Christmas. Wife took a nap, kids were engrossed in their gifts and taking some much-needed quiet time, so I jumped on the trainer. I always plan to not ride on Christmas, but take the opportunity whenever available.


I didn’t ride because it was a scheduled rest day otherwise I would have just as normal or perhaps even a little longer because it was a day off

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I didn’t ride this year ONLY because we traveled this year on the holiday weekend and I wasn’t and near my bike or trainer. Made the decision easy. That said, I have ridden on Christmas and would again. My family is fine with it, so long as i don’t disappear the whole day!

What would Jesus do? :rofl:

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