Riding "in" Road Grand Tours while completing a Trainerroad workout

Hi, has anyone successfully set up Trainerroad and Road Grand Tours at the same time? I have seen instructions for Zwift and TR, but road grand tours does not seem to have an option to not control the trainer, and it wont grab my ANT+ stick if I open Trainerroad first.


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To confirm, your smart trainer is your only power data source?

At the moment, but I could pop a battery in my Stages and use that…o, good idea.

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Nope, Road Grand Tours will only grab my trainer while Tranierroad will grab anything. Road Grand Tours will also only grab a sensor if Trainerroad is not open first. I could ride a flat course in RGT and non-erg mode for TR but that was not what I was looking for. O,well.

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From RGT

Apologies on the delayed response, we are in transition of switching to another help desk and it seems that the emails from our support site are still coming in the old help desk inbox, we are working on fixing this.

Power cycle your trainer, open up Trainerroad first and connect with that.

Once you open up RGT, select only POWER, deselect your trainer from Trainer tab.

This should do it, please let me know.


i tried this way, but RGT doesn’t see any device when trainerroad is running

are you using the same device for both TR and RGT? i had issues as well when i used just one device. I’ve since moved TR to an ipad (running on BT for trainer control, HR) and RGT on my laptop with ant+ to connect to my trainer (power and HR).

kinda annoying that i have to use 3 devices, but it was pretty much similar when i last tried to use zwift and TR at the same time over a year ago.

Has anyone sorted on how using only one screen device like a laptop to have boths apps running? From what I´ve understood above it seams to need to different devices, one for RGT an another for TR.

Wont two ant+ pens or a lapton with an ant+ pen and bluetooth connection make both work on the same device running TR on the minimized window low on the screen and RGT above it sharing both the same screen?

Well retryed it again on my new PC and after a while gave up because the trainer was feeling strange kind a like alternating beeing on and off ERG mode frequently.

I used only my PC and phone for the phone APP of RGT. On the PC minimized TR window and let RGT on top. Opened 1st RGT as Said above pairing with ant+ and then TR pairing with BT.

How can I get this right. Buying a second ant+ dongle? Anything else that can be done?

Can this work

You probably need two (2) ANT+ dongles unless using BT and ANT+. But, IIRC some trainers did not allow both connections. I can’t remember which.

You should (hopefully, possibly) be able to get it to work by starting TR first via ANT+ and then starting RGT via BT and their phone link thing. I’m not sure how/if it would work without a trainer/power source that functioned on BT & ANT+ at the same time.

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Lama says this also :+1:

I run TR and Zwift on my laptop (with a TV as a second screen).

I needed two ANT+ dongles. I load up Zwift, sync it to my HR strap and powermeter, then load up TR, which then finds HR strap, powermeter and trainer.

Haven’t tried RGT though, but the two dongles is what worked for me.