Riding a GPS route on Smart Trainer

Hey guys!

So, I just signed up for a 50k race that is part road, mtb singletrack and gravel. I’m considering doing it on my singlespeed :flushed:. The race is about 2 hours away and while to do plan to go and pre-ride at least some of the race course - mostly the singletrack, I would love to pre-ride it on my smart trainer.

There is a race course on this page via ride with gps - Barnburner 50k Course - 2021 Official - A bike ride in Burke County, NC.

Is it possible to load this on my phone via ride with gps app or somehow load to my garmin via GPX file or something and ride it on my Kickr Core to simulate the singlespeed on the course?

I think there is, but honestly I’m not sure where to start.


You could create magic road in RGT but you’ll probably need to smooth your gps route first.

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According to the rep I met, this is a feature of Wahoo’s trainers. As for simulating single speeds, just pick the gear ratio that you’ll be using and never shift :slight_smile:

Of course, I don’t think the Kickr can actually simulate (the added drag due to) terrain, so you gotta be careful. But you should be able to get a feel for the course nevertheless.

The 100km limit in RGT is limiting when I want to pre-ride centuries.

I dream of a way to do this on a larger screen than the Bolt - something like RGT that could show me on a larger view of the course map so I can get a sense of what to expect on race day.

(And smoothing out or fixing elevation is a PITA.)

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I’ve never dug into it to find out the limits or issues, but BKOOL’s simulator is supposed to offer similar ability to set a route in a similar fashion for riding.

I used it ONCE to simulate an existing ride file using my Edge 520 and Ant+ FE-C after getting my gen 1 Elite Drivo. The spikes wasn’t fun. I highly recommend to remove duplicates and fix general horizontal kinks using GpsPrune (or other GPS/CADD software) first followed by smoothing using GPXmagic Labs. Manipulating xy on GPXmagic is a pain.

Ive no idea if it’ll be any good but maybe because of targeted advertising after reading this thread this appeared on my Faceboke page Redirecting...

I had Bkool for years and it is perfect for riding any route from a GPS. Also there are thousands of video routes that anyone can upload.

Great for riding the famous climbs in Europe on the trainer.

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Thanks for all the replies! I’ve got some homework to do. If I come up with a solution, I’ll report back!

I’ve used Best Bike Split to create a workout from a real route - wanted to simulate riding up Sa Calobra before I first visited Mallorca and the time it took me was very similar to real world effort.