Ride Power Graph Strangeness (Ignore, Solved)

I was looking at some of my rides today (trying to work out a good option for tonight’s session) when I noticed some strangeness in the Personal Records / power graph section.


The specific power numbers are irrelevant, but notice that the 45 minute power is higher than the 30 minute power. Now, I’ve not had enough coffee yet today, but this seems impossible. Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding something? Similar example in a different ride here:


…and I’m sure I have many others. Power curves for longer periods look more normal, but I have seen instances of it going up by a watt or two for longer periods.

No. Think about a workout that is a 15 minute interval at 300W then 15 minute valley at 100W. The 15 minute power will be 300W while the 30 minute power will be 200W. Then if there is another 15 minute 300W interval the 45 minute power will be 233W.


OK that makes sense. I did say that I’d not had enough caffeine yet!