Reviewing interval data for outside rides

For outside rides, I am looking at the lap data and if my power number (not my normalized power number but just the number that shows up as power) is in the range that I was given for the interval, I am thinking that means I did a pretty good job on that particular interval. In other words, I achieved the training effect for that interval that the workout was trying to achieve. Am I thinking about this right?

Yeah, as long as there aren’t any obvious, huge deviations from the intended power.

For example, a 10 min interval targeting 300W where you waver between like 285W and 315W but it’s all clustered around the target is good and fine. But if it was 3 min at 300W then 4 min at 350W then 3 min at 250W then that’s not good.

One caveat being for intervals that are meant to be MAX (like VO2 or anaerobic) you might see a pretty decent drop in power from the beginning to end but as long as you’re still pushing decent watts at the end then I’d call it a “good” interval.

I can post of rides of some “good” intervals outside I’ve done recently if that helps.

Thanks, that was helpful. Here’s my first interval from my ride today. Target was 207 to 227. I had a few dips and a few spikes, but on the whole, this seemed pretty good to me.

Yeah, that’s pretty good. Especially for just starting out with outdoor intervals. It will definitely tighten up just by practicing and getting used to when to shift and everything.

The biggest ‘mistake’ I see is that 550W spike, but it looks like it maybe coincides with that road crossing so maybe you kinda sprinted across which is fine.

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Thank you! Yes, that’s exactly right – I sprinted through the crossing so that was why I had a power spike there.