Ride Fast, Eat Trash (Gas Station Nutrition)

This thread is awesome. I don’t know how I’d make it more than 50 miles without sour patch kids and a coke.


Just did 201.5mi on Saturday, a shade over 12hours ride time and 16hrs total. Took in almost 5000 calories, but surprisingly little from gas stations thanks to Tailwind stick packs, my Lumiere bar bag, and one well-timed support vehicle lunch.

Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix slaps after 160 miles. I ate a whole 600 calorie bag in like 2 minutes.

Also did a cup of Gummy Bears, but that’s like real fuel so it doesn’t count.

I thought I would have more taste for like a Bear Claw or something, but I had taken in so much sugar already, only the savory stuff looked good.

Ruffles, other potato chips were good… BBQ Lays.

Starbucks juice smoothie was nice.

Also… Mexican Coke (with cane sugar instead of HFCS) and Electrolit were good finds along the way. It’s good to be just a few miles from the border sometimes!

None of it compared to the Chex Mix at 160 tho. That was heavenly.

The worst: Expecting a plain potato chip when a ride mate offered me one and getting Salt and Vinegar. Probably fine if I had been expecting it. Almost hurled…


Shouldn’t the title be Ride long, what’s that pong?

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Can we get this on a jersey please, or at least stickers.


I only found it via a google search…wish I could take credit for the art! Looks like you can get stickers at redbubble I think. Not affiliated in any way so I didn’t want to add the link.

Well yeah, Mexican coke just tastes better in a glass bottle!

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Always. Chex Mix is my go to. Only time I eat is when I’m out forever on the bike.

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Chex mix is SO. DRY. I took a paper cup at a rest stop once and I swear I chewed it for half an hour.


The worse off you are, the more serious you must be. Big rides call for the big guns i.e. corn dogs on the heat rollers and a 24 oz Monster


I think this is originally by Gas Station Food Cyclist: https://the-gasstationfoodcyclist.creator-spring.com


Its generic name is “seasoned sawdust paste.” It fights your mouth for moisture and it wins every time.


Cold Sassy Bite pickles :heart_eyes: I actually don’t eat pickles, outside of long hot rides or race days.

For some reason they taste good when you’re out on the bike - but they have to be cold. And for some other reason, they’re complete garbage when you’re not on a bike :woman_shrugging:t3:

I mean yeah, I was downing water as I ate it but… duh.

I came back from that 16hr day in 80-100F heat down about 1lb. Weight was up 7lbs yesterday from all the water I was retaining. Back to about 4lbs this morning as I unpuff. The body is a crazy thing.


I love sweet tarts but I try to stay away from sugar when not training. Gas station food is great when on a long ride!

Skittles are awesome, regular redbulls and monsters.

I tried these the other day and they were a welcome treat!

If I’m stopping at any shop on any ride I’m getting some Fry’s Turkish Delight:


I’ve heard it described as ‘like a cuboid of internal organ dipped in low grade chocolate’ and I will absolutely not eat them unless I’m riding.

Of course, living in Scotland, we’re blessed with the world’s greatest energy drink: Irn Bru


Needs jagermeister.

Just like whoever invented Coke with Lime must work for a rum maker.


Have a 5-hour ride next week. I’m stopping for one of these. Haven’t had one since like 5th grade… sooooo goooooooood.

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Oh yea, I can be a serious trash panda deep into a long ride.

  • Cold Coke in a can
  • Payday
  • Gummy bears
  • Gatorade
  • Ritz crackers
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I’m a huge fan of gas station popsicles on hot summer rides. The more F’ed up they look, the more watts you receive