Results and Thanks TR!

I wanted to post a quick thank you to @Nate_Pearson @Jonathan @chad and all of the rest of the TrainerRoad team for the great product and podcast. After following SSBMV I and II, GBMV, and XC Marathon MV, I completed my A race this weekend, the Cascade Cream Puff Fritter 50, a 50-mile MTB marathon. I ended up with 47 miles (75.63 km) and 8657 ft (2638 m) of climbing (about half of it on single track). I had to dig deep at times, but the structured training carried me through the day. Best of all, I improved my time by 44:30.09, placing 11th in my age group and 58th overall! I’m still slow, but the improvements are undeniable. This is a tough, TOUGH race. Finishing is a win, but improving is a real measure of how well structured training works!

Now for planning my next event…


Well done, @David_Vazquez! That’s a ton of time shaved/saved. I’m happy to have been any part of that process. :slight_smile: