Rest week-less intensity or less volume

I was thinking about dropping volume for instead of intensity during my rest week. I always feel like crap after a rest week and thought maybe this could help, but wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea or not. Has anyone else tried it? Thoughts?

The point of the rest week is to rest and super compensate. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t feel sharp the week after unless you have a big A race scheduled.

Feeling sluggish is normal, but I wouldn’t worry about it because your body will rebound. Generally after the firs hard workout coming off the rest week. First one always kind of sucks. I always relish a good rest week and follow it as the plan prescribes.

I just wonder if it physiologically makes a difference if you go with less tss but with more intensity. I have already done Tuesday and Thursday as prescribed by the plan, but I am contemplating doing something like Basin -4 instead of the prescribed 1.5 hr workout on Saturday. I have wondered if that sluggish feeling after a rest week can bleed into a ramp test the next Tuesday and gaining a little in ftp each time helps to keep me motivated.

The tri plans seem to do just that and I’ve found it adequate recovery.