SRAM AXS Quarq Powermeter: MagicZero vs AutoZero

hi guys,
i have a rather nerdy question to all the axs quarq powermeter users:

do you usually en- or disable the autozero button in the axs app?

in the manual of the pm it says: “Auto Zero is disabled when Magic Zero is
enabled. Manual Zero is always enabled.” but in my sram app i can only choose to en- or disable “autozero” and not magiczero as it is written in the manual.

so: if i enable autozero in the app, which protocol will be used by the pm? magiczero or autozero?

thank you!

BR Philipp

We are not aware of any specific environments where MagicZero is inappropriate for use. However, it is still possible to turn off MagicZero and only use Manual Zero from the head unit. To do this, turn off AutoZero on your power meter from the SRAM AXS App.

I grabbed that from here:
SRAM MagicZero

I’m about to install one of these myself, I can see where it would be confusing, maybe that will help.

I’ve already noticed elsewhere in the manuals that came with mine there are discrepancies between what is written one place and another in specs for torquing bolts, for example.

Magiczero is just a continuous zero offset or tare. No need to do anything to enable it.

If you want to manual zero or a zero at that temp/time/alt etc… (backpedal or stop with feet off pedals and hit calibrate) turn off autozero in the app. I’m not sure why this even exists anymore but, it’s there…

New Quarq PM user. I just got off the phone with SRAM, and enabling AutoZero will enable MagicZero.

The reason I called was because last week during a 10 minute warmup I was cruising along at around 150W, then stopped for a light, and restarted and now my Garmin was showing power between 30-80W. So I stopped and force quit the AXS app on my iPhone and it went back to normal. But I was left wondering what really happened.

Well the Quarq support guy told me that AutoZero/MagicZero has an issue under these conditions:

  • you stop for a light or for any reason
  • unclip left foot
  • put pressure on right foot
  • AutoZero will attempt to do a zero calibration, but doesn’t know you are putting pressure on right foot
  • from that point until next AutoZero, the power will read low

For that reason I’m turning off AutoZero and will simply do a Zero Calibration before starting a ride.

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Doesn’t seem a very clever (or magic) idea, since this would be quite a common scenario for many riders.

oddly enough I usually unclip right foot, and last week when I stopped thought “hey I should get better at restarting using my other foot” :thinking: Only had the Quarq for 2 weeks, so I’m happy to have sorted that out early rather than getting surprised/annoyed later :joy:

Talked about 10 different things with the support guy, I think they are working on a solution but if it matters to you then give them a call. Tech support guy was awesome.

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This is super helpful. Keeps happening to me on my Quarq Dfour and I had no idea why, always at lights and always after I unclip left foot…

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I’ve just got a new bike with a SRAM Quarq powermeter fitted. I was hoping the MagicZero function would eliminate the need to manually zero, but it seems it might not! Anyone know if they resolved the unclipping left foot at stop-light issue?

How did force quitting the AXS app help with this problem? Surely it doesn’t need to be connected live to the app for MagicZero to function does it?

@Peteski it didn’t. But stopping to do that generated an AutoZero that worked. This is what doesn’t work: