Resistance profiles when using Resistance mode

So for anyone who uses resistance mode, you have been annoyed how often you are adjusting the resistance value for rest and work intervals. If not you would have to use big ring small cog for work sets, and the little ring, large cog for rests.

For those of us who like to use Resistance mode I think something like a resistance profile could work.
Maybe a settings table where users could add their own values where this will add to the set resistance to the workout resistance value. Lovely Art below

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What trainer do you have? That seems weird to me that the resistance spread is too much for your gearing to cope with.

I have a dumb trainer, so maybe I’m not understanding the question, but it’s pretty common for me to use the big ring for work and little ring for recovery. It’s similar to how I do intervals outside, so it never seemed weird or annoying to me.

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Tacx neo.

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I think Ryan is implying he has to go from big ring and small cog, all the way to small ring and big cog. That seems way excessive to me and so I wonder what the setup is.

What cadence do you ride?

At ~320ftp I wouldn’t think at all that the trainer couldn’t swap between work and rest with just the big ring and maybe one or two gears.

What resistance setting do you currently have it set to?

Yea but that’s not what I want to do. I understand there’s work arounds and such but smart trainers have a sweet spot on wheel speed/ratios to use…
Ideally I’d just like to use a range of like 5 gears.

Something like this has been added (or in beta) with TrainerDay:

My Kickr 2017 (direct-drive) has standard/level mode which increases resistance the harder you pedal. With ~250W FTP I can put it into level = 2 and just use a couple gears.

Why the heck did I not think of that? I can just use the tacx app to controll it will feeding power to TR.
wonder if mine has that ability

Don’t know anything about Neo, and my concern would be if TR app will only use power from Neo (like you can do in Zwift). Or is TR app going to insist on controlling the Neo?

The Kickr has 4 modes: level, resistance, erg, and sim. What I like about level mode is that for most workouts I only need 2 or 3 gears. All I do is fire up an app (Wahoo or TR), set level = 2, and then start workout on either TR or my Garmin. With Garmin it is almost the same as riding outside on flat roads, but without the wind or cars. Believe the TR support for level/standard mode was lost after a Kickr update - something about new Bluetooth FTMS support or some such (TR dropping support for the older Wahoo proprietary protocol that enabled standard/level mode).

I’d like to follow up on this.

As I switched from using ERG to resistance, I’ve been wondering if trainer resistance somewhat adjusts based on the workout profile (as per the first picture of this thread)?

If not the case, does this mean that in resistance mode the workout simply shows the work I should be doing? This would potentially mean that workout creator is not really necessary as I could just use any recovery or other workout and then add blocks within it as I see fit using resistance mode.

  • No, Res mode it not “connected” to the workout in any way.
  • What you suggest is possible, but when you add in consideration for Adaptive Training, it’s not a good idea to do rogue or unmatched training vs the loaded workout.


So essentially in resistance mode the workout loaded is just there to guide me as to what is next similar to being outdoor and displaying the workout on the device.

Yup, shows the planned workout power targets, but it’s all up to you to use the bike and trainer to hit them.

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