Resistance mode and calibration

A simple question: do I need to calibrate the trainer for training in resistance mode? Or does the erg-mode calibration apply in resistance mode as well? I’m not sure about this and didn’t find an answer for this.
Best regards from Finland

Smart trainer calibration applies to power measurement in any trainer mode.


The calibration is to ensure your trainer measures power correctly, regardless of the mode. Erg mode is just a way to change resistance to obtain a set power, but the trainer always measures power in the same manner.


I am unsure as to whether or not my Tacx Bushido Smaer Trainer is calibrating properly with the android app.

I get the same spin down figure of 0.0s every time I calibrate regardless of tyre pressure. Additionally this is also the case with and without the the recommended 10 minute warm up.
Is there something I am missing?

Thank you

Probably best to contact for direct help. I don’t know how to verify if the calibration is operating properly.

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