Request for feature - videos of drills

As a very poor swimmer, I’m often trawling the net looking for examples of the drills recommended by Coach Chad in the triathlon plans. In the drills description page, can you either add some videos for each one, or link to some existing videos that you think demonstrate the drill well?


I would like this feature as well, very good idea!

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I think this could also go for some of the other drills on the rides - I’m thinking specifically of out of the saddle drills and form sprints. It’s hard to know if I’m doing them right so constantly worry I’m just setting bad habits.

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GCN does a series of videos on drills and skills. I’d look there or ask an experienced rider to look at your riding on the road.

The best videos for demonstrating swim drills are on the Swim Smooth site:

HD videos and a good explanation of each drill.

You need to be a member of their Guru site to view the videos, but it only costs £1.99 for the month.

I really don’t want to pay another subscription - so many already!

And after the recent podcast, sounds like we might be getting slow-mo sprinting drill videos. :slight_smile: