Guides on cleat angle and placement?

I have bought some new shoes for the first time since about…2008… and I need to basically completely redo my cleat placement.

I have fore/aft more or less OK (the new shoes required a massive change in saddle height), but I can’t find to see much on how to set ideal cleat angle and left/right offset.

I get a feeling that some cleat tweaks on my left leg in particular could be beneficial. It may or may not be my longer leg.

For the record, moving my foot outwards a bit seemed to make an improvement.


Lots of things to think about in that article! Thx!

I had already found this, but it doesn’t seem to even mention angle and left/right offset.

Steps 5 and 6 covers foot / shoe / cleat rotation.

Step 7 covers lateral foot / shoe / cleat placement.

In short, and in my own words / experience:

  • Cleat Rotation: Set to place the foot in the middle of the float range, in the majority of pedaling action. You want a little float each direction to allow the system to prevent overloading on the joints (mainly the knee).

  • Cleat Lateral Placement: Set to place the foot as needed to support the rider. Common thought is get the foot under the knee, but this is highly subject to the natural limb and joint alignment of each rider. Sometimes the best place is an extreme inner or outer placement because of their support needs.


I did my 1st ride with TR and a smart trainer yesterday after a year of no training. I also used new shoes. My right foot hurt really bad the 2nd I was finished on the top outside. Note: This foot gives me trouble in that location from running all the time.

I have never had the issue biking. In the past when it got to where I couldnt run, I could bike. In fact, I got into cycling because of this very issue :slight_smile:

So, is there a way I can place the cleats in my shoes for this not to happen? I know pretty much nothing about cleats and cycling in general.

I moved your post under one with some good initial info. It may not address your issue specifically, but is a decent place to start.

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Excellent cleat positioning videos:
BikeFit James on Francis Cade’s channel
Neil Stanbury on Cam Nicholls channel

I would love to have time in person with either of these experts! Lots more videos from them on YouTube; interesting how similar their philosophies and approaches are.

It is definitely worth having a bike fitter look at your feet and shoes. Cleat placement is important, but also arch support and angle on the pedal can be huge. I have had a lot of joy with high arch insoles, and also cleat wedges to adjust my foot placement relative to the pedal to help my knees track better.

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