Replacing weekend pair with 1 ride

I’m doing century specialty. I’ve found a 70 mile loop around my house that will burn about 260 tss if I ride it. That’s roughly equal to my scheduled Mcadie+1 and Galena +3. Is there any harm with replacing the two rides with this one ride?

The weekly notes suggest that replacing the weekend events with longer lower intensity is good but I’m not sure about doing 1 long ride in place of two shorter.

The alternative ride in the notes is meant to replace just the one Sunday workout, not both weekend workouts.

In that context, longer is better. I’d go with it. In my experience the midweek workouts in the plans are the most productive, well, at least very productive. If you are going for a century, you need that time in the saddle. A long one on the weekend sounds good.

Thanks. Good info. I’m bad at the over unders so it probably makes sense to keep that in plan.

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