Replacing Specialized hidden seatpost clamp/binder

It seems I’ve stripped the bolt head on the hidden seatpost in my 2018 crux. I can loosen it, but I don’t want to try to replace it until I asked around for any advice. I have a replacement clamp. The seatpost clamp is used on other year Cruxs and some of their road bikes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to drill this out pretty risk-free. You basically drill through the bolt head. It’ll likely release when you remove the head, if not drill till you hit the center section. Pull the seat post out, then you should be able to access the clamp to replace it. Any excess metal shavings may fall to the bottom bracket, where you can open the cover. Just don’t let the drill bit/clamp get too hot. Take a break every now and then as your frame doesn’t want to get above 275f or so.
You can also try one of those bolt removal bits.

Double check you seatpost diameter with a good read on a set of digitial calipers, as it may be undersized.
When you put the new clamp in, I’d check to see if you need to put carbon paste in there to act as grease. I’d want to grease that AL clamp to prevent it from seizing.

Thx for the reply. It was only stripped in the tightening direction. I got the old one out, but man o man was it so hard to get the new one in. Dumbest design in da world.

Oh, i reread your post… grease the bolt in the clamp to keep water out. I’d loosen the bolt head out a bit, get grease behind the head and in the threads, then put carbon paste on the post itself. The bolt binded because your either had a bad bolt/bit interface or the bolt binded after getting some water in there.

Tip: Sometimes the Torx bit fit in those allen heads better than the proper hex bits.

Thx. Yeah I think my torque wrench is awkward so the angle was a bit wonky when tightening. Plus the bolts seem easier to damage.

yeah… this is bike tq wrench is a good value/size/accuracy for what you’re trying to do. The beam wrenches are more accurate than the fancier ones. This is smaller than most multitools anyway.

Thx. I ended up getting a park tq wrench w some bits. I’m still not a fan of titanium bolts or the spec design.

Yeah, mass produced Ti hex bolts suck.

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