Canyon Aeroad Seat post Clamp

Hi guys,

I’ve just taken my Aeroad in the car on holiday. I thought it’d take the seat post off the bike in order to transport it to make it easier.

In typical fashion, when I awoke at 7am to head out for a ride I was unable to re-tighten the seat post back. The small screw that fits into the clamp just turns and turns. The screw isn’t damaged it’s just there is nothing on the end of the scew to act as a stopper / nut.

The component in question is below, however I can’t see if there should be a nut on the end.

Just wondering if there is anyone else who owns an Aeroad or speed max with the S27 seatpost who can confirm how this looks? Or if I can just do a small hack to fix my issue.

Nothing on the back, it just screws into the small triangular piece which slides the middle piece out putting force against the frame and seat post.

Thanks for the response. There has to be something special on the screw that essentially holds this altogether. At present the 3 components that make up the clamp essentially just fall apart when I hols them up. I’m gong to try and find a small nut or something to act as a stopper.

is the thread stripped (on the left small piece)?
can you screw the bolt in there without the middle piece (so you have more bolt to work with?)

It must be…there is no additional nut in the assembly, only those three pieces.

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Yeah, now I’m back home and spent a decent amount of time looking at this. It seems to be the case the bolt hole thread is totally gone. Seems really obvious now, however I just assumed there was another component that held this fiddly little thing together.

Suppose I’ll need to try and fix somehow. Any words of wisdom? There are a few products available, really not sure which would be best for this type of bolt hole.

Thanks everyone for taking the time out to share opinions.

This part is pretty specific… I would -not- recommend anything else then order the correct replacement part you linked in your first post.
Anything else could fail in many different ways from just a slipping post to applying twisted pressure on your carbon seatpost and cracking it

Contact Canyon and purchase the replacement part, I wouldn’t try and fix it.

What with all the issues there have been with the Aeroad seat post they may even send one for free.

Canyon seem like they only offer this part in the US. Frustrating.

Have you contacted them? You might even get it for free :slight_smile: