Replacing planned workout with a group ride. How to?

Do I delete the planned ride and just upload the file for the group ride afterward or leave the planned ride and let the file load to that?

There’s tons of posts on it if you search. I think the TR line on it is to leave the scheduled workout in place though.

I’ll sometimes associate the group ride with an endurance ride to maintain the PLs there. I wouldn’t associate it with anything of a highly intense structured level like SS or Threshold over unders etc.

Yeah thanks I read a bunch of posts today and it seems like TR wants you to leave the scheduled ride as incomplete. This way the system knows to have you do that ride in the future. I did see AT version 2.0 referenced a bunch of times and that once launched it will look at the outside rides to make adaptations. Looking forward to that.

There are two paths: if your outdoor ride is roughly equivalent to your workout, you can associate the outdoor ride with the workout in the calendar on the website. Then the current version of AT will treat it as if you have successfully completed the workout. Of course, you could “trick” the current version of AT, so use your discretion to pick workouts that resemble your ride (including TSS and intensity).

The other option is to delete your workout.

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