Replacing a battery contact on 4iiii power meter

Anyone know how to re-attach a battery contact on 4iiii power meter? Single sided unit started giving crazy numbers during a race. I tried multiple new batteries and a reboot. While looking things over, my clumsy hands dislocated the contact. PM is just past the 3 year warranty mark, so 4iiii have offers a swap for a new one at half price.

Positive or negative contact?

The negative is this keystone part: Negative Coin Cell Enclosure

If you didn’t damage the pad, should be something that skilled hands could replace.

Yes, it appears to be the negative. How does it attach? Flux?

I did the same thing. Put a dab of rubber cement, stick it back in place, put the battery back in, and go ride. Mine was still sticking 2 hours later when I took the battery out.

Thanks. Will give it a try.