Bike riding in Reno, Nv -- what's it like?

I’m thinking of moving out of California and maybe relocating to Reno. I’m wondering how the bike riding is over there, in particular, if there are country climbing roads with little traffic. I like doing longer alpine climbs that are over 5 miles long with steady grades. Would Reno be a good place for a cyclist to move to? It’s hard to beat California for bike riding–the variety of roads and the great weather…

I have only ridden there once. I was impressed with the amount of bike lanes there were on the main roads to get out of town. I went from Peppermill to Geiger and was on bike lanes most of the way. Had no issues on my short ride. From Reno you have access to some awesome training grounds.

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Are you relocating from northern or southern Cal? Reno does experience some winter weather and temps.

Its horrible here…dont move here.:grin:


From Northern Cal–Sonoma county. The biking here is extraordinary. But cost of living is too high.

Its actually a great place to live, we have great riding but it is not year round like Norcal. Unfortunately the influx of people moving here from California is ruining it. We have reached capacity on our freeways and gridlock is eminent. The city keeps approving more and more housing developments but the roads can’t handle it.


Thanks for the info! Where would be some good neighborhoods to live? Most cities have pockets of gang violence, drugs etc., I would want to avoid. Would want to live in a descent neighborhood…but near enough to roads I can climb.

Given that, I recommend the lovely suburb of Fernley lol. And all your Amazon deliveries are from the local warehouse!

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Live in Truckee, commute to Reno – Plenty of hills that way!

Have known a lot of people that did that happily. Unfortunately, I think the traffic situation has gotten bad enough for that commute to suck now, but would have to confirm with someone who’s more familiar.

Love Truckee, but feels like my car is in a log flume descending I-80 to the Nevada state line

Probably the best riding is in the south end of Reno…only areas you want to avoid due to crime etc is downtown Reno and maybe the North Valleys. From the south end you have easy access to Geiger Grade, Mt. Rose Highway, and Washoe Valley…probably the most popular areas to ride. Plus its an easy trip up to Tahoe if you want to do the mandatory ride around the lake.

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I did that commute for 5 years, it sucks. In the winter its closed all the time due to snow and in the summer its down to one lane due to construction. You can’t win.

Ferntucky? I thought the Amazon distribution center moved to North Reno?

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Mother-in-law moved from Sacra-tomato to Ferntucky, and commuted to Plumb Ln for a decade. Crazy.

Truckee is in California–I’m trying to avoid state income tax.

Truckee is pretty expensive as well. You looking to buy a house?

Yes, I am. But I will not buy in California–already have a house in Santa Rosa. Trying to avoid state income tax. So I’m looking at Nevada or Texas.

I have a good friend that is a great real estate agent here, I could hook you two up if you need one.

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Does he ride road bikes up in Reno?

Not a cyclist…just a good friend. One of the best agents in the area.