Relationship between Glutes and Power

Please, forgive me if it’s been covered in the past.

We always get told to get stronger glutes, which is why we go to the weight rooms and do our squats. We hit the gym, do squats, lunges, reverse lunges. Our glutes the super sore and as a result stronger. Job done!

However, in the saddle, I personally have never had a sensation that my glutes were actually utilised, even when mashing big gear. Instead, it is always my quads that seem to get sore afterwards.

What is the actual relationship between glutes and power, whilst on the bike ?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks! I take they are pretty darn important in the saddle as well as out then.

Great infographics !

Another good way (better?) to train your glute muscle complex in a cycling-specific way is to do some VO2 work on a recumbent trainer that raises the crankset above your hips. That’s a lot more specific than keystone deadlifts or snatch pulls…and after you do some hard work on the humble recumbent trainer you’ll discover it does in fact work the glutes.

Something I discovered while recovering from shoulder surgery.


There’s a pic somewhere on the forum of a TR user’s recumbent hooked up to a trainer.

Is recumbent glute training going to become the new HFLC trend?

:laughing: I don’t know. But I do know if you take the 400W challenge on a recumbent (and you’re not used to a recumbent) it makes your posterior hurt.

I think, sans reference, that the extent to which one effectively utilizes the hip muscles (including the glutes) can vary a lot. If you have low hip activation, your quads will tire out first.

I learned (and continue to do) a variety of pedaling-technique and low-cadence drills that focus on a hip-dominant pedal stroke, and I think I can really feel a difference in which muscle tires out first.

That’s a good point. Now that you mentioned it, I remember that after doing several low-cadence hill repeats, my “butt muscles” (technical term) would feel fairly sore the next day.

Yep. This is how to do it.

Sports injury doctor Jordan Metzl has a good quote:

"A strong butt is the key to a happy life”

Strengthening your glutes should help your ability to ride a bicycle and real life aspects through your whole life.