Refund for a years subscription

I’ve signed up for a year worth of training but after a few months and an utter failure of an A race I’m wanting to quit trainer road. It’s not making me faster, quite the opposite. My races were suffering and I wanted a change but this program is not helping. I listened to the podcast for a few years but am disheartened by the way it’s declined in quality of content. No mention of road cycling anymore and when people ask why, your presenters laugh it off.

The workouts are boring and uninspiring as I’m used to either outdoor rides or zwift where there was at least visual stimulation.

So can I get money back for the months I’ve not done? Started at the beginning of July 2023

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Email for best help with this.

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Hey Dan,

Sorry to hear your experience wasn’t what you were hoping for.

I took a look at your account and I do want to commend the progress you made over the time you used TR. It looks like you had a 15-watt increase, which is awesome progress – especially for what was only about 11 weeks total of training with TR by my count!

Regarding the entertainment comment for our workout player – we try to keep things as simple as possible with minimal distraction. Some athletes love this as it helps keep them focused on training, but others prefer to pull up their own sources of entertainment while they ride – I know I personally like to pull up race footage paired with some upbeat music to stay engaged when I’m on the indoor trainer.

May I ask what was going wrong in your races? Your training and consistency since July look bang on and your improvements in power seem to reflect that. There’s a lot more to racing than fitness alone, and it could be helpful to know what wasn’t working for you so we can offer advice on how to improve things on that front.

I’ll pass along your feedback on the podcast to the team that records those. We try to put out episodes that people enjoy and want to listen to, so your input is valuable there.

As Chad already said, you can email to take care of all things account and payment-related. You can also feel free to email support with any tech questions you may have, and you can always hit us up here on the forum for anything related to getting faster.