Referral Codes Not Working

I have had several people try to help me out with referral codes today, and have gotten the same

" Uh oh, this referral is invalid.
The code attached to this referral link is not a valid promotion code."

message from all of them.
Was wondering if anyone else has experience the same issue trying to use referral links recently.

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Same for me. Maybe they disabled the referral codes and forgot to inform subscribers.

I suggest an email to to see what’s up.

There was a temporary issue, but it’s since been fixed! Sorry for the trouble. :confounded:

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I have been trying to get a code from the long thread but it doesn’t seem very active with responses.
I’d appreciate a referral code if someone would be kind enough to share.
My email address is
Thanks for your help.
Have a good day.

Hi Ivy. I have a code which I’m pretty sure should work and I still get the same message…

edit: nevermind that… just used the code above (thanks rjm69)

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Hi thanks but the code seems to be expired or someone else claimed it.

You’re welcome and I’m sorry you weren’t able to get the link although you were my intended target.

It’s possible I may have neglected to link the message containing the Referral Code directly to you as per my TR profile page, the referral code was redeemed by somebody if not yourself :thinking:

Again, I’m sorry you weren’t the one to get the link and know I’ll be more careful in the event I get another opportunity to share a Referral Code. :innocent:

Sent one to your messages

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Going to close this thread since the referral codes are working again,

Code sharing will live on here!