Free trial Referral codes

Hi all. Just wondering if someone could send me free trial referral codes please. :thinking:Log In to TrainerRoad

Not sure if you are being serious or not but

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Yes very serious. I’ve heard that you can get them.

I’ve just read what you have sent. The referral codes have stopped now. Thanks bud :+1:

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referral codes have been replaced with a free 7 day trial available to anyone.

The 1-month referral codes are still being generated; one just showed up on my account. Perhaps there’ll be a transition period where both are still available.

Either way, if you want a one month trial, here’s a code @Ray8100:

Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah they disappeared 2 weeks ago when they announced the free 7 days trial, but it seems to be back.

I have 3 unused referral codes:

Closing this thread to redirect things back into the existing Referral Codes thread: