Invalidate unredeemed referrals (Feature Request)

Please make it so my referrals which haven’t been redeemed can be cancelled so I can forward them to those who will.

Make the invite email link they received invalidate and allow me to send another email.



It sure is frustrating when you send a referral and someone doesn’t use it. Having said that, theres no shortage of codes going spare if you ask nicely on the correct thread.


I think this has now been implemented? I can now share a code that was obviously not redeemed again.

What sign do you see for that?

I can’t confirm anything has changed, but I can say that after about a year of one being tied up, I got a 3rd referral to give out a few weeks ago.

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Edit: I just saw the change in the other thread

That’s why I asked. You ‘earn’ new referrals (one about every four months from what I’ve seen), so it could just be that instead of releasing an unused one. But I’m curious to see if they introduced a time limit and release.

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This is what my referral screen looks like now, which suggests ot me that old codes are being opened back up?

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Holy, moly! :open_mouth:

Just looked at mine and it sure is new and different. Great to see this change. I’m surprised they didn’t seem to make an announcement (unless I missed it).


It was announced on the referral sharing thread, but it’s easily overlooked there :smile:. First sign I saw was that I had a referral “more”, and I just earned one a few days ago, so that would’ve been to fast for another earned referral.

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I was about to bring this up recently because I have a friend who I sent a referral to forever ago and he never used it but is ready to now and had lost the email. It wouldn’t let me send him a new one.

The new setup is much better!


We’re so glad you think so! Feel free to reach out if you experience any hiccups when sharing the codes with your riding mates :slight_smile:

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I noticed that change today too as I had 2 referrals and then it went up to 3 earlier this week. Then today all of sudden I noticed I had 7 available and checked it out that it changed to direct links instead.

I’ve had a few people I’ve sent referrals to in the past who expressed disdain for having to enter in a credit card for the free trial and that was ultimately the reason they didn’t use the code. I get not wanting to give up their information (probably because of Active’s sneaky ways I suspect) but there has to be some measures to not allow someone to game the system with unlimited use of free trials. I know of a friend who has a group that trades getting free HBO trials (back when it was 30 days) as much as possible to rotate and share passwords. They went far enough with it to get nearly an entire year of free HBO to do this (back when Game of Thrones was still in it’s prime…and I’m not talking the turd of the final season).

Also, when I was provided a code it took me just over 7 months to actually use it. Was sent it at the end of a winter season and then didn’t actually use it until the beginning of the next one (received code in early April but didn’t use it until late November). Just it was odd timing at the time and I wanted to ride outside.

I’ve said this multiple times but want to take another moment to give you guys a shout out on your major efforts for continual improvement. There are a lot of feature requests and questions/concerns brought up on the forum here (as well as tons of praise) but your team’s commitment to producing and delivering something new and better to us all is a big part of what makes TR such an awesome organization.

Thanks guys!

Wow, thank you so much! I’ll be passing your praise onto the rest of the team; it’s really great to hear that our efforts are noticed :+1:.

Haha! I had the same reaction when I looked this morning.


Anyone know if I can use my free referral months for myself? Does it have to go to a non-user?

Existing users cannot use the referrals. They are only accessible to new users.

The link is a nice change. It used to be a lot of work to give someone a code. Get their real name and email address, neither of which were something I knew for anyone I gave a coder. And then most of the people I gave them to didn’t use them because they didn’t want to give a credit card number to TR. I had given up on giving them out, might change that now.

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