New handlebars?

Hey, my handlebar is a bit too wide so I’d like to get narrower ones. I don’t want to spend a lot on money on this
I just want to have a habdkevar right for me.
Is it ok to buy any handlebar with the right dimensions or do you have any recommendations / tips?

What are you looking for in the bars and what’s your budget? There are standard bar dimensions like width, drop, reach, and flare to consider.

If you’re looking for decently priced bars from a good company then Zipp’s Service Course bars are good. They have ones with 70 and 80 mm reaches as well as an ‘ergo’ version that has a slightly flattened top.

I believe they cost around $55 and come in widths from 38 to 46.

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IMO getting them in the right dimension is the main thing and definitely OK. You’ll maybe get marginal gains on the other aspects weight/material and shape but the one certain thing you’ll go faster if they fit you correctly.

A very quick google picks out Wiggle Prime (if they deliver to you) and they look a bargain. Prime Doyenne Aero Handlebar | Aero Bars | Wiggle


I’m not sure but I guess no more than 60€ would be great.

When you talk about reach, is it the reach on the drops or on the hoods ?
I didn’t know you could have different reach values on handlebars.
I’ll definitely want a small reach then. I got a bike 1 or 2 sizes too large. I got a shorter stem but it doesn’t fix it just yet.

Thanks for the recommendation, my stem is from Zipp actually and they seem to make good stuff!

Yup, I got a bike too large for me so I really just care about fit, not even looks.

Aero bars look cool though, but I’m not sure how the flat section with feel :grin:

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Reach is typically from the center of the tops where the stem mounts to the center of the front of the drops where the shifters would mount.

Do you know the reach for your current bars?

The Zipp Service Course 70 Ergos might be a good fit. You’ll probably struggle to find bars with a reach shorter than 70. Most seem to sit somewhere between 70 and 80.

Here’s an example of the reach and drop measurements (79mm is reach and 127 is Drop)

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They feel good on the hands when sitting upright and marginal gain in the aero stakes but if the shape is not for you, dont worry and get something you are comfortable with :+1:

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No, you just can’t a bar based on specs. I’ve got a set of 3T bars and Easton, they are different sizes despite being the same basic size. I also think there are more “sizes” than sizes.
So the width with vary by around 2cm mfg to mfg; the curve radius of the drops will impact where your shifters sit at, etc. They also don’t list how the drop feels as they angle up, far the drops really flare out and how far they extend backwards.

Even if you’re not into aero bars, ergo bars and aero bars have a better ride quality. I think they feel better because they spread the load out when you rest your hands there.
FWIW Pro, Prime, Trek makes a cheap aero bar -

Like shoes, you’ve got to order 3-4 bars and send the losers back.


Should be noted that those Bontrager bars have a super long 93mm reach. OP says his bike is already a bit too long so these definitely wouldn’t help.

Though I agree on the rest of your post.

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Small stem change.

I can confirm that once I’m back from work, but my stem is a 70mm and the handlebar reach seems aabout 10mm longer so it may be 80mm.

This Zipp one looks good !
I’ll have to compare the drop reach with mine though. I’d like a small drop reach too.

( I got a CAAD 12 2019 btw, it seems to have gravel alike drops that go pretty low )

Im 5’9 and got sold a size 54 bike with 80mm handlebars and a 100m stem.
If only I knew better… I was naive and trusted the shop.
I still love my bike though. I just hate it as much as I love it, thats a weird feeling :upside_down_face:

I’m curious to try it out though !

Thanks for the detailed answer!

I’ll try to keep in mind all this !

I thought aero bars would feel less comfortable ( I don’t know why ) but what you’re saying makes sens.

Yeah that would be best to try several handlebars and pick the better one. It’s time consuming though and I need to fix other stuff ony bike pretty fats. I want to install the handlebar at the same time as the repairs are done.

Rip off Britain strikes again the 40cm version of those Bontrager bars in the UK are £315 :joy:

The reach on those bars is horribly long. I have changed mine to the 3t superergo (alu) and it is way more comfortable for me. The flat section is pretty comfortable to hold and reach is on a shorter side when it comes to bars (and I like how the drop part is profiled - a little flatter with distinguished place to hold on). 75gbp


I must have googled a carbon fibre pair :+1:

Pro tip: Change the letters “US” to “GB” or “UK” on most websites LOL


Ok I’m home.

My current handlebar :

Tops reach : 80mm
Drops reach : 130mm
Width : 42mm

Since I’d like to get rid of a bit of reach, maybe going with a 75mm would be reasonable.
To get an idea, when I’m on the tops, I can barely see the whole front hub in front of the handlebar. I heard that a good reach wouldn’t let you see it.

For drops reach, a bit less would be great. Maybe go for 120mm?

The main problem being the width, I think I would maybe go for 38mm. Not sure between 40mm and 38mm. 38mm might be too much.
I’ll have to try that out in a shop.

PS : I have small hands and even with a brake lever setting the closest possible to the handle bar, when on the drops I can barely put my fingers on the brakes.
Does this mean the top reach is too high ?

Not sure if I’ll try aero bars yet.
I have pretty small hands and heard it could be a problem ?