Recommendations for flared road bars?

I picked up a new Specialized Roubaix Expert over the weekend since my gravel “do everything” bike is temporarily out of commission. I have Enve carbon gravel bars (44cm) on my XL gravel bike and I absolutely love the flare for the hoods and drops. I think these bars work out to about a 27° flare. On my current 44cm Roubaix bars, I feel too wide. I’m tall but don’t have particularly wide shoulders.

I was thinking about picking up Enve Aero Road Bars which have roughly a 11 degree flare - I was thinking the size that’s 41cm at the hoods and 44cm at the drops. The idea of $400 handlebars seems crazy though considering the Futureshock will offer more compliance that carbon.

Is anyone else running road bars with flare? Any recommendations? What angles do you find comfortable on the road?

I should add…internal Di2 routing is a plus! The junction is in the down tube, but it would be nice to hide the shift cables in the bars.


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Really like my Enves fwiw very comfy (can’t opine on other claims of areo etc).

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salsa cowbells are a good choice, the aluminums are cheap to try, and come in carbon as well

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@Benrlelliott I’m sure you’re right if they’re as good as the gravel bars, but my heart is racing thinking about spending another $500 haha. How did you pick the right size given the flare?

@redlude97 I just looked at these and they look promising. I thought all the Salsa bars had a huge flare to I didn’t even think to check before. Thanks!

Follow-up on this, I’d love to see a bar made like the Enve one but with a few more options.

Current options include down to 38cm at hoods and +5cm at drops.

I’d love to see +6, 7, or 8cm at drops.

I’d love to see options down to 32cm at hoods.

When I want to be a breakaway rider, I want to have bars that suit. When I want to be a sprinter, I want to have bars that do that well. I don’t see a reason not to have both!

Anyone know if something like a 32-34cm (at hoods) bar, with ~38-43cm at drops exists?

EDIT: mm to cm. lol.

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pictorial guide to Enve bars:

Just had my 44cm aero road bars removed from old bike, they are 39cm at the hoods and 44cm at the drops. I’d actually like a little more flare, the size 40 Enve AR bar is 40cm hoods / 45 drops.


I have the Enve aero road bars in 40cm on my Tarmac SL7.

I’ve had the Easton EA50 AX bars on my trainer bike for over a year. It has a 16 degree flare, which I like quite a bit. Thinking about getting the lighter EA70 AX (aluminum) or EC70 AX (carbon) bars for my 2016 Roubaix SL4.

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Maybe too narrow, but I know Dan Bingham from Wattshop has been racing on 27cm tops/33cm drops this year. Not sure if they plan to release them though.

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Glad I’m not the only one who loves some flair!! Thanks all for the tips.

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Enve makes a 35mm hoods/40mm drops, which is almost in the range you mentioned.

I have the “42” aero bars which measure 37/42 hoods/drops. They’re great for fast flat/steady riding, but I much prefer my 42cm hood Black Inc any time I’m climbing. I’m thinking about picking up a different set, maybe the 40/45 AR series (it’s going on an Allied Allroad anyway…)


Great point about climbing.

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Second thought, in case Enve manufacturers ever read TR forums… I think I’d like 8-10cm flare for either road or gravel. More flare plz!

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How about 12?

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Curve Walmer bars are wonderful

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An other option: just point ​the brake hoods inwards.
You get the aero benefits in the breakaway-style, wider drops (compared to the hoods) for sprinting and “normal” tops for climbing. Maybe not as extreme as the Enve solution but a good compromise. Can be seen on some pro bikes as well.

I really like the Hoods inwards pointing better than the straight alignment. Feels more natural to me (your wrists point inwards also in relaxed position).


I’m pointing mine inwards a bit too, feels better to me. Got lots of “what happened to your hoods, did you crash” comments though…

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:slight_smile: yes, me too.

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All the fast guys are doing it around here, so it works the other way with “do you want to go faster? Try pointing the hoods inward” comments directed at those that haven’t done it!

The gravel bar is fantastic…I have the 44cm (@ hoods) on my gravel bike. Now I’m thinking the 42cm might be good on the road.

I just ordered the Enve Aero bars in the 41/46 :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: to see how it compares.

I did 30 miles on the new bike with 0 flare today and hated the bars the whole time!!!


I have the FSA K-Wing AGX on my Open UP which I use for both road and gravel rides.

It has a nice flat top, large holes to make it easy to keep wires/cable/housing nice and tidy and I was able to find it for $250.