Red River Riot 2024 3/30

My first race with full power data since starting TR in January 2023. I’ve had power data on my bike since summer of 2023 but hadn’t had a chance to go full tilt in a race yet.

I competed in the 100km distance which featured a course of ~4k ft elevation, and was just over 64 miles. About 70% of the race was on smooth well maintained gravel, 15% road, and 15% chunky/technical surface. There was no Singletrack used this year as has been in the past but there were a handful of sections where the road emulated tight chunky trail.

I came in 41st overall of 150 or so finishers, and 8th for M30-39. I held 238 watts NP for 3 hrs and 49 minutes.

Although this isn’t my “best result” so far as I claimed a top 10 at a very small winter race in February of 2023, this was by far my best effort in a race yet.

It’s also the first race that I’ve gotten my nutrition spot on and did not have to utilize any of the aid stations or water tables. I carried 6 scoops of Formula 369 in 2 26oz bottles, and a 70oz USWE with just plain water. I also ate 2 packages if of Nature Baked fig bars intermittently throughout the effort. I ate 2 clif bars about 2 hrs before the race and hydrated with 32oz of water and a tube of LMNT before the race.

I caught a group of about guys a few miles in and we were able to beat the heavy wind on the day rotating through fairly efficiently, unfortunately I booted my chain and had to call off that pack to get it back on. Shortly after another group led by a very strong woman and some of her male teammates caught me and off we went, eventually catching the group I’d fallen back from previously. At that point the strong riders from both groups formed a smaller group and rode together for the next 20-25 miles. At the route split for the 100km and 80 mile course I sadly learned I was the only one of them riding the 100km distance and was left to solo home for the final 10 miles or so.

My goals on the day were to hold over 200 watts for the day, stay under 4 hours, get up a 10% dirt climb that I had to walk last year, and keep a pace of >17mph.

Unfortunately due to the wind age having to solo for the remaining 10 miles I came up just short at 16.9mph… but the other 3 goals were crushed with 219 avg power, 3hr49min finish, and I made it up the climb… although on the rev limiter, I was able to stay on the bike and pedal out the whole thing.