Red Light Green Light Recovery for Long Randonneuring Rides

Is there a maximum number of red days that TR uses after a hard ride? In my randonneuring rides, TR gives at most 3 red days after a long ride, regardless of whether the long ride is 300 TSS or 1600 TSS. I’d have expected after a 3-day long ride with a lot of TSS that TR would suggest a much longer recovery than that. Or does the algorithm top out at giving 3 red days and I have to figure it out myself? Thanks!


Probably the latter. I’ve not used that system but intervals has a ‘form’ chart that said I was apparently recovered from an overnight 400 in 3 days.

Even if the algorithm was bang on it can’t take into account sleep deprivation and its specific effect on you. I ended up taking about a month to fully recover from the above ride so I’d err on the side of caution…

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Hey @patch-tt!

It’s helpful to think of Red days as warning signs that are telling you that complete rest is necessary to prevent long- term fatigue.

After those initial rest days, you may still need time to recover but complete rest at this point is likely not necessary. It’s likely that doing some easy endurance rides/ easy exercise will help the recovery process as opposed to harming it.

So no need to worry about having to manipulate things yourself. Just make sure to accept the Adaptations and we’ll make sure you recover and continue to progress optimally.

I hope that clears things up for you! :+1: