Recovery weeks with Train Now/outdoors

I decided to scrap Plan Builder when I got Covid, Stomach bug, and then a cold from my kids in daycare. With them constantly being out of school, juggling work and being ill so often I just couldn’t stick with the plans. I don’t race and just have a week long gravel destination vacation in June as my “A” ride/trip.

I successfully completed SSBLV 1 and 2 with no missed workouts and only one failed threshold workout (Dragontail -1, but I tested positive for C19 the next day) before all the illnesses.

Now I’m just using train now and riding unstructured outside because it’s too challenging to stick with the plans. My question is for people who do this how do you schedule recovery weeks? I’ve been doing a mix of SS, threshold and vo2 when I’m inside and have definitely been doing intensity (and hard outdoor rides). Do ppl just stick with endurance every 4th or 5th week? Skip recovery weeks? Go based on feel?


I was just looking at this as I have a rest week coming, and didnt want to just do short endurance workouts - my plans from other sources all have some intensity in these weeks, but the volume of intensity is much reduced.

I think I’m simply going to select a threshold and vo2 session thats achievable and about PL1.0. Max 1 hr and less if possible. Maybe something like Truuli -1 with a couple of short 100% and 120% efforts, or similar, maybe like the SST Goddard -4 etc.

TN always give a workout at your current PL so thats not going to help at all.