Recovery week, use RGT or FulGaz

This week I have the following

Normally I don’t mind doing recover weeks, but as I am not going out on my bike at all I need to break it up the trainer sessions a bit. I am thinking of doing Canary Wharf on RGT or some FulGaz route. Obviously it is a recovery week so I need to make sure I don’t get sucked into doing a hilly route on FulGaz or turning RGT into a crit :slight_smile:

Anyone got any ideas for for this? At the moment I can’t use Trainerroad to control the trainer and use on of the other services.

Best wishes Michael

I’ve just had my recovery week, moved my bike onto my rollers so my 8 year old could use the kickr and we rode on Zwift together. I was able to set workouts to be outdoor workouts, used my wahoo head unit to keep my eye on efforts and stay on track. I’ve only ever used RGT and FulGaz with a controllable trainer.
Either choice will require your self control!

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I bet your 8 year old loved that. Great idea. The hard part is not turning RGT or FulGaz into a TT :slight_smile:. I need to find a FulGaz route that is low enough TSS to match my recover week.

yeah I do the same quite often. But it’s quite important to keep an eye on the wattage to not go too hard. I think TR group workout might actually be a good option too, as it provides good distraction.

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I would love to do that, but I don’t use a laptop. Great idea. I will see if I can get that sorted in some way.

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I was amazed - just shows what a bit of gamification does to a young brain - one day last week he insisted on carrying on till he’d completed two laps of whatever course we were riding - I’d climbed off and was waiting to go in for a shower! Compare that to a month ago and he’d complain about me making him cycle to school the one day a week I could take him (about 2km!) - last week he spent 5 hours on the trainer!

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Yeah, I’ve been pondering longer endurance workouts on FulGaz or something similar. I don’t see how to send power to both the game/video and to TR. So I thought that I would do and endurance ride just as I would outdoors – keeping an eye on the power but riding to HR < 75% HRmax. That was I just need to send power / HR / cadence and speed to the one app [the game / video].

Does anyone have better ideas?

You could do the workout in TR but play the Fulgaz video - in steady mode - as the background.

I did Yas Marina in the end. I might do Albert Park on Wednesday. As @Pasque said the hard part was not to chase the sector 3 segment :slight_smile: It made a nice change before the Ramp test next week!