Recovery week confessions of an uncoachable rider

I sprinted. Several times. Each ride. :smiley:

I took KOMs and did not load them onto strava…torn between accolades in the ether and the shame of not being able to do something as simple as just ride at or below 150W for an hour or so.

Dear forum, help me craft my excuses! Help me rationalize why I’m setting power records on my recovery rides.

Dont look at me…I just did a 140TSS group ride yesterday on my rest week lol😬


Takes one to know one!

Meh. Riding bikes is too much fun to take a whole week off… and what would my family think if the laundry room didn’t have several bibs hanging to dry ?


Because your everyone else was doing it.

That’s what I tell my coach when he tell me to run easy (z2 hr) and end with a z4 run…

In all seriousness…what has taken a hit for me during the pandemic have been my easy rides. One of the things I really havr loved about cycling is just getting out on a nice day with some new destination in mind…either with a friend, or solo with a good paperback thrown in my bag. Ride 10-15 miles to a brewery, relax for an hour or two with a couple quiet pints, ride home. Perfect afternoon! Usually did it on Sundays when my wife was having quiet/nap tome with our daughter.


Excuse, you are a little on the obsessive compulsive side, like many cyclists.

As a fellow uncoachable rider I feel your pain and understand the enjoyment of a failed recovery week. :crazy_face:

One of the big benefits, to me, from using TR is doing recovery rides in erg mode. Hard to push it too hard when the trainer will adjust resistance down.

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  1. During a recovery week stumble across neighborhood Strava segments that require half-hearted 30-60 second efforts to KOM.
  2. Target on next ride.
  3. No apologies.
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If your urges to burst out sprinting seriously harm your ability to follow your coach’s instructions - ditch the coach.


If everybody else rode their bikes off a cliff would you ride your bike off the cliff?

If I had full suspension and a dropper post, yeah, I probably would.



Sprints are ok…there are some rest week workouts with short sprints. It‘s neuromuscular and you don‘t flood your muscles with lactate.

Btw…our first post corona training crit happened to coincide with my rest week. Rest week had to take a rest day and let me race. Definitely worth it!

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yup the plan from my coach has regeneration weeks with short 5/30 second sprints, and 1-min overs.

My rest week was only 733 TSS, only did two rides… :pensive:

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Took KOMs but didn’t load into Strava – did they even happen ?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, that’s a good point! Maybe I didn’t fail to conform to recovery week. Maybe I OVERconformed and just didn’t ride at all. :crazy_face:

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Post the KOMs!

This thread has got me daydreaming…

An entirely new racing discipline, where one is automatically disqualified if their 10sec average power goes over 50% ftp lol! We could have crits, TTs…cross races with people doing like 140 watts in the mud, doing 3mph lol :joy:

Previous was 23.5mph / 49sec, just a nice firm push on the pedals while sitting up on hoods to stay in front of the car behind me :joy: Who created this unloved segment? :man_shrugging: So many Strava segments that make no sense…

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Golden Cheetah : Need to be serious, last week 1200TSS, no rest week for 2 months, current Ramp Rate at 15, CTL peak at 107 and TSB under -60.

Me: 270TSS ride with 5 min all out and 30min threshold efforts on rest week.

And yes, my power numbers are getting lower actually lol