Recovery ride option

On the last few episodes of the podcast Nate has mentioned (and Coach Chad has recommended) a recovery spin at 45%, with the idea of keeping your Easy days really easy.

I’m wondering why this isn’t a specific workout in the app? There’s clearly a demand/use case for it.

I realise I could make it myself using the creator, but for the unfamiliar user searching “recovery”, it might be useful to have it pre-made?

Just go to ‘workouts’ and then click on intensity -> recovery. There’s 10 or so there (ignoring free rides)

Yeah, I see that there are some that are around 0.5 IF but I recently introduced a friend to TR and they didn’t know to look for those.

They tried filtering by Zones, expecting to see a recovery zone, by they only go down to endurance.

I get that it can be done, it just seems like a bit of an omission in the software that it’s not really easy to do, considering the usefulness of it.

Ah, yes, I see your point. The searching isn’t obvious, also I was using a PC web browser which seems a bit easier than in the app

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