Workout type with recovery ~75% and efforts ~100% or more?

Maybe they don’t exist and maybe that’s for a reason but I feel like in group rides or races I don’t get a chance to drop back to 50% FTP or whatever between hard efforts, I was wondering if there is a type of workout that doesn’t drop as low in the recovery parts? If so might look to try incorporating those workouts as an alternative when I have the opportunity.

I used to modify my workouts to increase the percentage of recovery intervals. You can still do it or use resistance mode.

For the record (and without diving in the details I am not best equipped to address), “Training Workouts” are often deliberately different than “Races & Group Rides”. It all goes to the goal of addressing fitness through training concepts vs “just riding” to get faster.

Recovery intervals at lower levels serve a core purpose to allow riders to hit the “HIGHS” as hard as necessary to drive loading on the body that is intended to cause adaptations once the rider recovers after the workout. As such, ramping up recovery loads or eliminating them may well be counter to the intention of the given workout.

There is plenty of “It depends…” hiding in here, but I caution against just kicking up these recoveries with the idea that it is “more like outside”.


What you’re looking for are lactate clearance/shuttling workouts. I’m not a member of TR so can’t say specific workouts, but I would look at over unders

Edit: most TR over unders will be 95/105 which aren’t what you’re looking for, nor are they very good. If you can’t find any 110-120% / 70-80%, I would make your own :slight_smile:

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As far as finding workouts that might be of interest (hard to offer more without a bit more info on the goals here), you can use “FLOAT” to find some workouts with higher “recovery” sections within an interval block. Just add that as a search term on the workout search page on the web.

Maybe a little higher than what you are looking at but you could try filtering for SS with bursts, something like Chicoma -5 - TrainerRoad

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Yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking except the bursts being maybe at 110-115% and longer maybe 2-3 mins would make sense and then maybe 80% instead of 88% in between.

this isn’t quite what you are looking for specifically regarding numbers but these hard start intervals are great for the actual systems and fitness gains you are trying to work: Whiteleaf +3 - TrainerRoad

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Thats a big one, over time do you start getting more and more TSS per week? My 6 week avg is 383 right now but on a low volume plan my TR work is generally ~250, so would probably never get assigned a workout with 122 TSS, although my races are usually estimated around 150 TSS.

I couldn’t tell you. From what I have seen this falls in line with what I have seen for 1:30 threshold workouts.

You can try to up your TSS… the great thing about the low volume plan is that you can add workouts where you see fit but you arent obligated to do them. If adding a workout like this means you fail the main workouts of your current plan, then you are perhaps adding too much TSS too soon. But you can always add a bit more and see how you react to it.

I am on a mid volume plan but typically ride 6 days a week.

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