Recovery Drinks

This trainer season I started making my own drink and consuming git after every ride.

I drink 500ml of this after every 60 minute workout. More after 1.5 hour workouts.
I also sometimes drink a half bottle during long workouts.

Last night I ran out and was too tired to make another batch, and had a (minor) calf cramp at bedtime.
Seems to work for me.


Choc milk after anything hard. Usually 70+ TSS. Or carborocket recovery.


I make a recovery shake suggested by Joe Friel in “Paleo Diet for Athletes”, but only after long or particularly hard efforts. 90 minutes is the minimum before I take a “shake”, and there needs to be at least some significant Sweet-Spot level work before I take a shake. If I go over 2-hours of just endurance, then I’ll take a shake as well. Based on length and effort and calculated calorie burn, I’ll adjust the amount of sugar I add to my shake. For a 3-hour ride with some climbing and intensity, I may add 3TBSP of dextrose, but for a 2-hour endurance ride, I may not add any. Gives me some flexibility with the calorie and sugar load based on the effort.

Otherwise, I’ll just drink some OJ or tart cherry juice right after stuff like 60-minute Sweet Spot workouts, and try to get a full meal (almost always breakfast) with good carbs within 30 minutes.

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I use Hammer Recoverite after every workout except recovery rides. I don’t have any weight issues so I’d rather completely replenish. Now, whether it is actually giving me any benefit or aiding in recovery :man_shrugging:t2:. But it’s certainly not hurting my recovery and I’d rather air on the side of caution.


I use SIS Rego after anything that is reasonably hard.
I do think I feel better for it , placebo effect or not but aged 61 I think I need all the help I can get.


I’m aiming to keep a constant supply of protein coming in, c.2g/kg to help recovery and adaptation.

In terms of specific drinks, I’m using milk & whey protein to supplement, usually after but sometimes before a session depending on how hungry I am and how well I’ve eaten so far that day.

I am also doing SSBHVII and I am terrified of the ‘cumulative fatigue’ so I do the recovery drink after every single workout. I use Endurox R4 (orange flavor). I also prioritize sleep to ensure 8+hr every night and am on a strict “Nate Pearson” diet (lots of carbs; Ezekial cereal + fruit for breakfast, sweet potato/beans/broccoli + leafy greens every day at lunch, then lean protein, whole grains and lots of veggies for dinner).

In my head, I make up the caloric deficit with my regular meals, but there’s too much good science supporting 4:1 ratio during the magic 30 minute window to ignore. I want every single workout to be completed on target and I want to ensure I reap the benefits of all my hard work.

note: I am not concerned with my weight at all. I am staying steady at my weight, but am slowly losing body fat and gaining muscle.


I mix my protein powder with plain Greek yogurt after hard workouts, sometimes with a banana or apple. It tricks me into thinking it’s like froyo :joy:


Im having a hard start at SSBHV2. It takes alot of my energy.
Im close to my end power on the end of every training. Thats why i started with the recovery drink just now.
Its like my new ftp kicks me in the butt :smiley:

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Chocolate whey powder and milk here, unless the ride is particularly easy

Although tonight we’re having steak! :cut_of_meat:


Yup, and this is why I continue to do 4:1 recovery drinks.


I am at my SSB high volume aswell!! Chocolate milk is my recovery drink and I drink that almost everyday. I don’t consume more than a litre per day though.

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Chocolate milk is a great option for post workout protein, carbs and fat. Compare to Skratch Labs recovery and you’ll be asking yourself why it’s $30 for a bag of powder…


Agree with this, even if not chocolate milk. There are plenty of “real food” options out there that are way less expensive than any manufactured drink product, plus you know exactly what’s in them. Even if I added a bunch of aminos to my recovery shake, it’s still way less per serving than the commercial drinks. That said, I keep some of the recovery powders on hand in small quantities for those days where I ride away from home. Then again, nothing stops you from popping into a store for a mini chocolate milk, either.

And, of course, with real food options, it’s pretty easy to manipulate the carb:protein ratio.

One thing to look at with the Chocolate milk – no HFCS; get the sugar instead. HFCS goes through the liver; the sugar will go into the muscles.

(Ducking as this used to be a HOT topic)

BTW, I do chocolate milk. Quick, easy.

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Compare to Skratch Labs recovery and you’ll be asking yourself why it’s $30 for a bag of powder…

I did this just yesterday! Crazy how close they are on all the nutritional facts. The only thing Skratch can claim is the added probiotics, but who knows if these are even live or helpful.

Since my workouts are usually in the mornings, I go for a recovery drink after each workout, and certainly after any hard workouts that I might do in the afternoons.

My go to frozen recovery smoothy is:

  • 2/3C of Greek Yogurt (low fat to minimize calorie density)
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 8oz Tart Cherry Juice (thanks for this one @Nate_Pearson)
  • 1/2C Bob’s Red Mill Muesli
  • 1C mix of frozen fresh blueberries and blackberries

711 kcal–but that’s pretty close a a 1 hr SS workout for me–128g Carb/ 10g Fat/ 26g Protein (72%/ 13%/ 18%)

It’s a bit calorie dense and misses a bit on the protein side, but it is delicious, healthy, quite recuperative, and has a lot of micro-nutrient benefits.


About 750 ml of water, 20g scoop of dextrose, and about half a scoop of Gold Standard Whey (Double Chocolate).

Basically after every ride… I eat a meal usually within 60-90 minutes after the above.

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30g carbohydrate and 20g protein plus some Cacao flavour…
My DIY recovery mix

I premix this using ingredients from Bulk Powders in the UK - works out to about £0.81. Scoop 55g, add milk and water, consume as per Coach Chad’s instructions at the end of ‘big’ workouts!

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A glass of homemade kefir with a scoop of protein powder.

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