Recommendations on riding the Tour of Flanders Sportive?

I’m looking for suggestions on riding the 2024 Tour of Flanders Sportive. Is it best to use a packaged tour company or can accommodations, bike rental, and ground transportation be easily arranged. I’m planning on arriving in Brussels on 3/27.

It’s quite possible to find an Airbnb a few miles from Oudenarde (start point) , from where you can cycle to the start point and back home.

Where are you travelling from? I’d consider trying to take your own bike rather than hiring - they’ll be booked out to say the least.

Flanders is a rural area and the language barrier can be an issue in some cases (getting a taxi), especially as the route goes into French speaking areas too . There is no Uber. I’d probably hire a car tbh - the weather is likely to be cold and wet throughout.

It’s quite possible to find a place to stay that’s only 10 minutes walk from a rail station, which will have great service and can take you into e.g. Ghent for meal out, exploring, drinking.

Spend as much time planning where to watch the race itself the day after - it’s a festival! Huge crowds, great atmosphere. Take all your cold weather and rain clothing for that, and prepare to drink heavily to take the edge off the cold.


Do you have any recommendations for where would be best to spectate from?

I would recommend to organise it yourself and hire a car etc. Oudenaarde is just over an hour drive from Brussels airport. My friends own unfortunately they are fully booked for the Ronde weekend until 2027! Last year we caught the end of the race in their cafe and it was a great atmosphere! There are lots of hotels in Oudenaarde or you could also stay in Ghent which is around 30 mins away (I live just outside Ghent).

For bike rental you could try the following and best to book asap:

Oude Kwaremont is a great place to spectate. At certain points there are some big screens where you can watch all the race, as well as see the riders pass by a couple of times. Great atmosphere too.

I agree with wooger about the getting an Airbnb nearby, and taking your own bike. There are also some cheap hotels that are a good deal.

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Would suggest the Oude Kwaremont as well, you’ll see the men’s race pass through 3/4 times plus the women’s race a couple of times as well so action all afternoon

I’ve ridden the sportive a couple of times, both times staying with a friend in Brussels - first time I took an early train to Oudenarde and the second I drove. Both worked really well, with the exception of coming down on wet tram tracks riding to the station in Brussels!! :roll_eyes: