Recommendations for off season training for sprinting

I’m currently doing traditional base and some of the workouts incorporate leg speed drills which are described as a preparation for sprinting. Basically working on getting rpm’s up quickly but not under load.
What is everyone’s opinion/advice on ways to progress from this format. Slowly increase the load? Increase the load to the target gear ratio outside and work on increasing rpm? Start doing outside 30/30’s once I get done with 12 weeks of traditional base?
My sprinting was nonexistent last race season- it was my first race season so it was all about hanging in during the race and finishing.

I’d do sprint training outside. I can’t do proper sprints on the trainer, I can’t get into the right position, and you can’t swing the bike like you’d do outside. Or if you did force it, you’d probably break the bike or the trainer. I’ve even found the ‘form sprints’ to feel so different to real sprinting that I’m not doing them for fear of picking up bad habits. Leg speed drills are ok I think.

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